No. 1 in Turkey’s pasta market

05.02.2010 For more than 60 years, the Turkish pasta producer Nuh’un Ankara has put its trust in systems made by Buhler. With two new production lines, Nuh’un Ankara has now consolidated its leading market position in Turkey. Up to the middle of the twentieth century, pasta did not appear, or only rarely, on the menu of Turkish families. In 1950, however, pasta started its victory march in Turkey as well. Today, every Turkish citizen eats 6.2 kg pasta each year on average. Thus, per capita consumption has reached the European average.

The road to market leadership
The victory march of pasta in Turkey is closely linked with the name Nuh. Nuh’un Ankara Makarnasi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has its origin in the grocery founded by Nuh Eskiyapan, Ahmet Eskiyapan and Kemal Yurtbilir in Ankara in 1946. In those days, the range of products already comprised imported pasta. As demand began to grow slowly, the business partners built their first own pasta production with a daily output of six tons. Thus, Nuh’un was already the market leader in Turkey.

Over the past decades, Nuh’un Ankara defended this position thanks to its constant growth. One milestone in the history of the largest Turkish pasta producer was the new construction of a pasta factory in 1996 in the industrial park Sincan near Ankara. Nuh’un Ankara moved its production lines from downtown Ankara to the suburbs. The largest pasta factory in Turkey was established on 64,000 square meters. At the same location, Nuh’un Ankara built a mill facility with a total capacity of 21,000 tons of durum wheat a month.

Quality leads to premium product
Today, Nuh’un Ankara achieves a total capacity of 660 tons of pasta per day in two factories in Ankara and Cankiri. The total capacity of Nuh’un Ankara is 220,000 metric tons of pasta, from the brands Ankara Markarna, Veronelli and Elif. The quality of the premium pasta made by Nuh’un Ankara is comparable to that of Italian pasta. Only durum wheat is processed. Production is governed by strict quality standards. About 80 percent of total production are sold on the Turkish market. Thus, Nuh’un Ankara’s market share in Turkey is more than 28 percent. The rest of production is exported to Japan, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Nuh group, which today comprises factories in other sectors of the economy, has been family-owned since its foundation. Today’s stock corporation Nuh’un Ankara Makarnasi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has been family-owned since it was set up in 1946.

With Buhler to success
The unstoppable rise of Nuh’un Ankara has been accompanied over all these years by the Buhler Technology Group. The Pasta and Grain Milling business units, which specialize in pasta and grain milling systems, have been involved in all extensions of Nuh’un Ankara’s production capacities from the beginnings of the company in 1946. Horst Galli, responsible in Buhler’s Pasta business unit for the Turkish market, looks back with pride. “Up to today, Nuh’un Ankara has purchased a total of 16 pasta lines from us – 12 short-goods lines with a total capacity of 26,000 kilograms per hour and 4 long goods lines with a total capacity of 6,200 kilograms per hour.” Twelve of these 16 pasta lines are still in operation – nine in the main factory in Ankara and three in the Cankiri plant.

“We have been working together with Buhler since we started our own production,” says Feridun Haboglu, member of the Directorate-General at Nuh’un Ankara, responsible for pasta production. “We have chosen Buhler because of their performance and the quality of their solutions. We have never regretted this decision and therefore still count on Buhler today as our technology partner.”

Latest joint step
Nuh’un Ankara and Buhler have taken the latest step forward together. Two years ago, the persons in charge at Nuh’un Ankara approached Buhler with plans to further expand their production capacities. Their goal: to increase the market share to 40 percent and to expand the export into industrial countries with strong markets with first-rate quality pasta. After thorough analysis and discussion, the concept for the next expansion step was ready: expansion of the production of standard short goods and a highly specialized facility for the production of soup pasta products. An agreement for the construction of a short-goods line with a capacity of 6,000 kilograms per hour and a special line for soup pasta shapes with an hourly output of 3,600 kilograms was signed.

Both production lines are – and this is new for Nuh’un Ankara – equipped with Polymatik presses. Horst Galli: “The Polymatik presses, especially of the soup pasta line, enable us to process a slightly moister dough. The result is a better cut surface and substantially less dust. Ultimately, Polymatik presses are easier and faster to clean.”

Efficiency increase through innovation
Both new pasta lines at Nuh’un Ankara are equipped with dryers of the latest generation. The new 2.5 meter wide dryer in the soup-goods facility consists of a shaker plus a drum and a belt dryer. Thanks to this combination, we were able to reduce the length of the line to about 50 meters.

We have also followed new paths in designing the new short-goods line (6,000 kilograms per hour). Dough is produced in the twin-screw Polymatik presses TPXZ with a capacity of 3,000 kilograms per hour each per screw/head. This is the largest twin-screw press so far made by Buhler. Thanks to its compact design, it is only 60 meters long and includes dryers of the latest generation with a width of 2.5 meters. Horst Galli: “The new facility at Nuh’un Ankara features a high output with long drying time and requires only a minimum of space.”

Top-class pasta – success in the marketplace
Thanks to excellent on-site support and on-schedule completion of the new production hall, both new Nuh’un Ankara pasta lines went into operation in record time. Only eleven months after signing of the contract, the two lines for short goods and soup pasta were handed over to the customer. Since then, they have been operating around the clock to the customer’s fullest satisfaction. “By opting for the Polymatik presses, we have ventured into new territory,” says Feridun Haboglu. “The products which we now hold in our hands justify our decision. Their color has been improved considerably, which is very important in Turkey. We are fully satisfied.“ With their two new production lines, Nuh’un Ankara now has sufficient capacity to keep production running for 24 hours and 365 days and to carry out the required maintenance and regular servicing work at the same time.

New durum mill
Planning means looking ahead: In order to increase the production capacity in the pasta factory, Nuh’un Ankara ordered a new durum mill as far back as in 2007 with a capacity of 300 tons per 24 hours. This means that Nuh’un Ankara has now already ordered its third durum mill from Buhler within ten years. The delivery of the new production line comprises the cleaning, grinding and finished product storage and handling sections, including a bran pelleting system (12 tons per hour). The highlight of the new Nuh’un Ankara durum mill is its new cleaning concept, consisting of a Sortex optical color sorter, a Gravomat and a Light Peeling system.

The new Nuh’un Ankara durum mill has been in operation for more than one year. Plant manager Feridun Haboglu is happy to see that his “high expectations regarding particle size, quality and yield have been fulfilled to his fullest satisfaction. In addition, the specific energy requirement of the new mill is significantly lower.” For this reason, Nuh’un Ankara is presently looking into possibilities to upgrade its two existing durum mills (200 tons per 24 hours each) by adding a Sortex optical color sorter and a Light Peeling system.

The new short-goods line of Nuh’un with a capacity of 3,600 kilograms of soup pasta per hour. The new short-goods line of Nuh’un with a capacity of 3,600 kilograms of soup pasta per hour.


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