The founder of the Plant-for-the-Planet Children Initiative and Buhler jointly present their vision for shaping a sustainable future

05/17/2011 Düsseldorf / Pähl / Uzwil (CH) – The Buhler Technology Group with its corporate guiding principle of “Innovations for a better world” develops innovative and sustainable solutions for ensuring safe processing of foods. The Plant-for-the-Planet Children Initiative is committed to combating the climate crisis and thus to shaping a sustainable future for our planet’s children. Its vision is to plant one million trees in every country in the world in order to design a future that respects the environment. At a customer event held during the Interpack trade show, Buhler and Plant-for-the-Planet jointly presented their complementary ideas on how to shape the future in a sustainable manner. The 13-year-old founder of Plant-for-the-Planet, Felix Finkbeiner, was the surprise guest at a customer event organized by the Buhler Group, to which some 350 representatives of the global chocolate producing industry had been invited. Felix Finkbeiner presented the Plant-for-the-Planet Children Initiative to the guests, describing its goals, actions, and successes up to now. In powerful words, he explained the importance of acting now in order to combat global warming.

Around the world, almost 100,000 children in over 90 countries have committed themselves through Plant-for-the-Planet to climate justice in the sense of achieving an overall reduction of greenhouse gases and a unified and just distribution of these emissions among all of humankind. As symbols of climate justice and in order to balance carbon emissions, they plant trees – the target being one million in each country of our planet.

“Future Fee” for supporting the initiative
Following his introductory talk, Felix Finkbeiner was presented a first symbolic donation in the form of an oversize chocolate “Future Coin” by Stefan Scheiber, head of the Food Processing Division of Buhler. Stefan Scheiber explained that also the food industry can contribute to environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes. With a total annual output of about 10 million metric tons of chocolate, he said that significant potential existed for this along the entire value chain. With as little as one euro, Plant-for-the-Planet can plant a tree as a symbol of climate justice which is capable of absorbing up to 10 tons of carbon a year. Felix Finkbeiner: “We are very happy about the support we are receiving from Buhler. With one euro donated per metric ton of chocolate produced, this initial ‘Future Fee’ would account for a mere 0.1 per thousand of the chocolate price. This would be an all but imperceptible cost for the individual producer, and we children could thus come a step closer to realizing our vision of a global ‘Future Fee’ for ensuring a sustainable future.”

Buhler solutions for sustainable production
For Buhler, environmental protection and sustainability are integral elements of responsible corporate conduct, which is also expressed by the Group’s corporate vision of “Innovations for a better world”. Beside taking measures in its own factories, Buhler focuses its innovation projects on developing sustainable and safe food processing technologies. Sustainability is primarily defined as an elevated level of food safety in processing foods as well as production processes which perceptibly reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint. These issues are also at the center of the Group’s research and development efforts, on which some 4- 5% of corporate sales are spent every year. At the Interpack trade fair, Buhler therefore presented its customers a wide variety of new solutions for achieving energy-efficient production and for enhancing food safety. Examples of this include a system for destroying bacteria or energy-certified processing equipment, which met with the industry’s lively interest.

As the initiator of the “Future Fee”, Buhler’s intention is to sensitize also its customers to the problems associated with the climate crisis and to encourage them to rethink their positions. The initiative is designed to trigger a new way of looking at things and to prompt the global chocolate industry to ensure an environmentally-oriented design of the future for the generations to come. The Buhler Group itself is leading the way by making a donation in the thousands of euros to Plant-for-the-Planet. Plant-for-the-Planet will spend the money on planting trees in order to offset the emissions caused by the event in Düsseldorf.

About Plant-for-the-Planet:
The Plant-for-the-Planet Children Initiative was founded in January 2007 and originated in a school report on the climate crisis by Felix Finkbeiner, who was nine at that time. At the end of his presentation, Felix put forward the vision that children could plant one million trees in every country in the world to balance carbon emissions. In the years that followed, Plant-for-the-Planet evolved into a global movement. Today, some 100,000 children in over 90 countries are committed to its goal.
The movement understands its role as being an initiative of world citizens who are committed to climate justice in the sense of achieving an overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a unified distribution of these emissions among all of humankind.

Since March 2011, Plant-for-the-Planet has been organized as an association with a democratic structure and a global managing board made up of 14 children from 8 nations. The global communication campaign of the Student Initiative is governed by the slogan “Stop talking. Start planting.” and was awarded the Social Effie in Gold for efficient communications in 2010. Plant-for-the-Planet is supported by the Global Marshall Plan Foundation, the AVINA Foundation, the Club of Rome, and Leagas Delaney Hamburg. In Germany, Toyota, Develey Senf & Feinkost, Hess Natur, and Ernst & Young support the academies for training the children. In Germany, the target of planting one million trees was reached on May 4, 2010. Needless to say that tree planting there continues beyond this target.

About Buhler:
Buhler is a global leader in the field of process engineering, in particular production technologies and services for making foods and engineering materials. Buhler operates in over 140 countries and has a global payroll of 7800. In fiscal 2010, the Buhler Group generated sales of CHF 1,907 million.

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