MultiTherm - Superior cocoa butter quality

28.04.2010 Buhler launches a revolutionary new cocoa butter measuring system and tempermeter in one – The MultiTherm TC™
Buhler (Uzwil) is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new meter, the MultiTherm TC™ which, not only acts as a tempermeter, but can also measure the vital crystallization behaviour of cocoa butter. Traditionally, it has taken many hours to assess the quality of cocoa butter with laboured tests in a laboratory, often requiring the skilled labour of a technician and expensive equipment. Now, Buhler have revolutionised the process with their unique Buhler Crystallization Index (BCI), the exact quality of cocoa butter can be assessed easily and precisely at a low cost. The MultiTherm TC™ measuring process has been designed specifically so that it is easy and much faster to operate than traditional testing methods, saving valuable time that would otherwise have been used in a laboratory.

With rising prices of raw materials and the effect that cocoa butter’s solidification and crystallisation can have on quality, it’s become increasingly important to be assured of a quality cocoa butter before its application in the chocolate production process. Often bad quality butters are only detected just before the moulding of the chocolate, or worse still, at the finished product stage when it’s too late to do anything about it. The brand new MultiTherm TC™ simply eliminates any potential problem and wastage.

Both chocolate producers and cocoa butter suppliers alike are aware that just one conch lost, because of a poor quality butter, mounts up to a significant loss in revenue. The Mutlitherm TC™ can potentially offer pay back in one single 5 tonne batch with a simple one-hour test. In addition, the same unit acts as a tempermeter and can be easily transported by hand around the factory to where it may be needed next to perform another function.

Buhler has devised a brand new, very precise index for measuring cocoa butter quality, The Buhler Crystallization Index (BCI). The process works by the unit’s unique measurement of the crystallization of melted cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is poured into a cup and measured at temperatures around +17C where the solidification curve is automatically measured. For the analysis, Bühler has invented a unique algorithm that compares values of cocoa butter and mass. The results are displayed on screen and saved onto the computer and stored for a comparison. Using a graph, it’s very easy for a fairly novice operator to assess the quality of the cocoa butter.

The time saved in a laboratory is significant; the unit is fast, easy to handle and is not an expensive investment against the potential loss of a product.

Bernhard Bauer, Product Manager at Buhler AG, added, “This is already proving to be a very popular product with our clients around the world and we have received orders for a significant number of these units to date. What used to be a task in the lab is now a holiday! It’s genuinely a completely new system for measuring cocoa butter and we are very excited about the debut of this very clever system. We know it’s unique, it has not been possible to measure cocoa butter in this way before and our (BCI), The Buhler Crystallization Index, will set the standards of measurement for cocoa butters in the industry.

“Also, the time saved in labour and the avoidance of a bad batch of chocolate makes this a very popular choice, not least because the unit can act as a tempermeter as well. Customers can buy the unit as a basic model tempermeter, the MultiTherm T™, which is a fantastic piece of kit. Then, with a very simple upgrade, they can easily convert their tempermeter to the MultiTherm TC™ and measure the cocoa butter as well with a straightforward conversion done in a matter of hours. The combination is a winner; cocoa butter problems are a thing of the past!”

Buhler’s MultiTherm units come in two versions. The MultiTherm T™, the tempermeter, and the MultiTherm TC™, the cocoa butter measurement and tempermeter in one. The tempermeter works in a similar way to the cocoa butter analysis, by measuring the solidification curve of the chocolate at varying temperatures. The results can be stored in a computer and saved as complete data sets for further analysis.


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