Vanella Farms partners with Bühler to improve efficiencies

05/14/2013 US-based Vanella Farms is located in the world’s prime almond producing state where they hull, shell and process Californian almond varieties. They work closely with their technology partner, Bühler who recently helped them simplify the clean-up process of in-shell almonds after hulling, by removing as many of the mechanical cleaners as possible and eliminating bottle necks. Vanella Farms invested in Bühler’s SORTEX E1C – optical sorter that could handle product straight from the huller helping to minimize the process-line footprint, energy and maintenance requirements, leading to huge cost savings. In addition the stainless steel frame and open design allows easy access for thorough cleaning and makes it particularly suited to the harsh hulling plant environment.

The dust management device built into the in-feed vibrator and receptacle dust extraction points keeps dust and debris clear of the inspection area of the sorter, enabling accurate detection. Its forward-feed vibratory system, coupled with its ability to operate without automatic wiping or periodic calibration stoppages ensures maximum capacity and minimal downtime.

The sorter features many advanced technologies including broad-spectrum lighting, visible bichromatic cameras, Enhanced InGaAs and PROfile (shape and structure) recognition, enabling Vanella Farms to double its production capacity and meet top export grade quality in a single pass, even with incoming material containing 25% defective product and foreign material.

And the sorter is able to separate dissimilar varieties (e.g. Peerless from Nonpareil) with great efficiency, making a significant impact on the Vanella Farms’ business and helping it open up new markets.

“The SORTEX E1C has not only sped up our hulling and shelling process but increased capacity too. This sorter is faster and more efficient, making it much more cost effective for me all round,” said Vanella Farms President Ryan Vanella.


The SORTEX E1C optical sorter. The SORTEX E1C optical sorter.


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