Bühler’s SORTEX E1D cleans up frozen peppers in Ukraine

04/10/2013 Thanks to the sophisticated optical sorting innovations included in the Bühler SORTEX E1D sorter, the Frozen Group Company from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine has been able to reduce the incoming defect levels for frozen peppers, from an initial 75% to an exceedingly low company specification, whilst saving the small seeds for maximum value. The loss of good product in the reject is now significantly less than 1%. Key to the sorting success was setting the SORTEX E1D to operate in reverse sorting mode.” The Frozen Group Company has produced frozen fruits, vegetables and berries for more than 15 years. However, their intermediate processing product, a range of sliced, cut and diced frozen red, green and yellow peppers could contain as much as 75% core and stalk, left over from their automated cutting system. Removing this by hand created insurmountable issues of labour availability and cost Bühler Kiev was approached to propose a solution to this challenging sorting requirement. Zhanna Zhehet, Area Sales Manager at Bühler Kiev explained, “Based on Bühler’s highly regarded installations worldwide for sorting significantly contaminated products in fruit and vegetables and additional input from our SORTEX applications experts in London, we recommended the installation of a Buhler SORTEX E1D, fitted with an ice kit, to enable operation in low temperatures below 0oC.

Reverse mode allows the SORTEX E1D to ‘reject’ the good peppers, permitting unwanted material, including stalk, core and stem, to pass through. This lowers ejector wear and tear with reduced firing rates, whilst dramatically raising overall product recovery.

The SORTEX E1D performed this complex sort using its two directional viewing and broad band lighting system, with a simultaneous combination of high definition and InGaAs cameras with PROfile shape technology. Not only was the SORTEX E1D able to remove defects found in these peppers, but could also sort the Group’s other fruit and vegetable products efficiently.

Zhanna Zhehet concluded, “We undertook a thorough review of the Frozen Company’s sorting process and are delighted with the success and commercial benefit the SORTEX E1D has added to their business. Thanks to the partnership between Bühler and the Frozen Group Company, we have helped to secure their whole pepper business by introducing a more profitable and efficient sorting process for frozen vegetables.”



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