Bühler starts U.S. safety demonstration tour

04/10/2013 Bühler’s SORTEX optical sorting experts have launched a technology demonstration tour in the US, to highlight the substantial safety benefits of effective sorting in the fruit and vegetable packing line. Bühler’s expert team of technicians and engineers is demonstrating the real-time benefits of optical sorting to US fruit and vegetable growers, to show the improvement in product grade and efficiency that can be achieved with its SORTEX technology.

Bühler is installing its SORTEX technology for one day on-site trials at fruit and vegetable processing plants. The mobile SORTEX E1D demonstration is delivered complete with input vibrators and ‘accept’ conveyors, to minimise set-up time and reduce impact on the processing line. The trial takes input product that otherwise might have been wasted, or dismissed as low-grade, and shows how the significant improvements in the quality of fruit and vegetables can be made, using the SORTEX E1D, by minimising contaminants such as defective product, extraneous vegetable matter (EVM) and foreign materials (FM).

Stephen Jacobs, global product manager at Bühler said: “We decided to launch a mobile demonstration machine to let customers see what Bühler can achieve - the best optical sorting solution for the needs of processors. The trial day shows the considerable increase in product grade that can be achieved with very little disruption to the existing production line.

“By taking the SORTEX E1D machine on a tour, we are able to help processors visualize the benefits of optical sorting technology. We wanted to highlight the fact that even product that has been categorised as high-grade, can in fact still be improved by implementing an optical sorting process.”

The tour, which started in the north western states of the US, will continue throughout the US in 2013. A similar test machine can be made available to processors worldwide by arrangement with Bühler’s local sales and engineering teams.

For more information on how Bühler can tailor optical sorting solutions to meet business needs or to arrange an on-site demonstration of the SORTEX E1D technology, visit



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