Bühler’s optical sorting technology underpins success of Moldova’s Maestro-Nut – Eastern Europe’s leading walnut exporter

10/01/2012 Located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south, the Republic of Moldova's wonderfully rich soil and temperate continental climate, which brings warm summers and mild winters, have made it one of south-eastern Europe’s most productive nations when it comes to agriculture. You might be surprised to find out what many Moldovans already know, that the country’s naturally abundant walnuts are among the world’s most delicious. That fact is becoming much more widely known thanks to Chişinău-headquartered Maestro-Nut. The business was established in 1992 as an import and export company of foodstuff and grains. Steadily the company increased walnut kernel exports and it now proudly stands as Eastern Europe’s leading exporter, packer and processor of walnut kernels.
“Being exposed to global walnut market trends has helped us to become a leading walnut exporter,” explains Tarek Rahmo, founder and general director of Maestro-Nut, “and we continue to set benchmarks in our industry way beyond our national borders. Our customers include large, highly successful businesses throughout the world – retailers and food producers in more than 30 countries, in fact. And that’s testimony to the high-quality produce we deliver time after time.”

As well as an unfailing commitment to stringent quality control throughout the process, Rahmo is in no doubt as to why Maestro-Nut has been so successful. “Apart from the natural high quality and deliciousness of Moldovan walnuts, our sorting capability is world-class – thanks to Bühler’s advanced technologies, which is particularly good at removing tiny fragments of shell.

“In 2008 we bought a SORTEX Z+V monochromatic sorter. Three years later we bought a SORTEX Z+3RBL with Enhanced InGaAs and PROfile (shape) technology, which is fantastic at removing color and shape defects, as well as shell, as I’ve mentioned. We sort by colour [ie amber, light amber and light] as well as size [ie halves, quarters and broken pieces].”

Rahmo says, that without doubt, the sorting capability provided to his business by Bühler, has enabled Maestro-Nut to win customers in some of the world’s largest and most successful walnut-buying companies. “They know that when it comes to product quality they can count on us and the cutting-edge equipment in which we’ve invested. The sorting rate and working speed suits our internal manufacturing pace. The machinery performs excellently under a heavy, daily, 24-hour workload and we’ve found it ultra-reliable, which is essential, especially in peak season.

“We couldn’t be happier with the performance of our sorting technology or the fantastic customer service we receive from Bühler. We always get a quick response to our inquiries and the maintenance we receive when we need it offers good value for money. Furthermore, it’s delivered by highly-skilled engineers from our region, so language isn’t an issue either.”

Like Bühler, Maestro-Nut is committed to continuous improvement and the business continues to attract new customers from Europe and elsewhere. “We’re focused on our client’s needs and will invest when necessary to ensure we continue to deliver extremely high-quality walnut kernels each and every time. We’re always looking for ways to reduce delivery lead times and provide the products and packaging solutions our customers require when they need them. Bühler provides the technology, we provide the expertise and Moldova provides the walnuts, and that keeps smiles on our clients’ faces, which is how it should be,” he concludes.



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