High capacity SORTEX A provides maximum efficiency for PET Recycling

01/08/2013 Optical sorting technologies are increasingly helping PET plastics recyclers to access the most efficient methods of high quality sorting to enhance product value and maximise profits, according to processing technology expert Bühler. The company’s premuim optical sorting technology, the SORTEX A, integrates five 300mm wide chutes for higher capacity sorting as well as offering optional split chute system to optimise the product footprint. The improved machine design and stability as well as custom-designed high-definition cameras enable efficient colour sorting and foreign material removal on PET flakes.

PET recyclers are increasingly looking to obtain maximum value from food grade PET flakes or pellets which have some of the highest quality requirements in the industry. Raw material sourced from post consumer mix PET bottles/trays, requires the most efficient technology to achieve the purest, colour sorted flakes at the largest volumes available to the industry.

The SORTEX A optical sorter is equipped to sort large inputs of PET flakes – up to six tonnes per hour per single sorting unit – without taking up valuable floor space in the plant. At less than 5m2 the SORTEX A has a small footprint, making it ideal for the recyclers who process high capacities but who have restricted plant space.

In addition, Bühler’s SORTEX A optical sorter views the product from both front and the rear using high-definition cameras on each of five input modules. This ensures critical defects, such as adhering paper or labels, often only found on one side of the shred, can be detected from either side, something which is not possible using single sided technology.

Unwanted coloured PET or other polymer flakes in addition to aluminium and other metals are targeted with the greatest efficiency. This enables PET recyclers to achieve significantly higher quality product stream suitable for the next stage of production or to be sold at a higher price.

Faisal Baig, global product manager at Bühler says: “The SORTEX A is the perfect solution for any PET recycler. It incorporates Bühler’s latest product design and technical developments to achieve the highest quality product at the largest possible capacities available to the industry.”

The five module sorter delivers the optimal capacity for the footprint used, improved lighting technology, cameras and background design offer consistent sorting efficiency whilst industry leading ejector technology allows for accurate and precise removal, maximising yield.

As with all Bühler optical sorters, the SORTEX A is available with optional customised Total Care ser-vice packages giving peace of mind to companies with 24/7 operations, maximising uptime.

Especially suited to higher capacity sorting requirements, the SORTEX A can process up to six tonnes of PET, 12.5 tonnes uPVC regrind and 15 tonnes of plastic pellets in a small footprint. The SORTEX A technology is CE/NRTL compliant and compatible with ATEX 22/Hazloc safety legislation.

For further information on Bühler’s SORTEX A optical sorter, please contact Faisal Baig, global product manager at Bühler at



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