Ecoline Multistep: Greater Flexibility for Higher Quality

21.12.2012 The newly developed Bühler Multistep Casting Technology now offers even more flexibility for the filling process profile. Six freely programmable velocity steps make it possible to adjust the casting profile to meet the requirements of each part. The casting profile can now be programmed in absolute units thanks to Multistep. This makes it even easier to handle the die-casting machine and makes the casting process more transparent. The expanded capability of the Ecoline machine also includes the “filling test” and “Startup Program”. Now users, with “filling test” can interrupt the filling profile to verify the filling pattern of the part. The “Startup Program” automatically adjusts the shot profile to minimize damage to the die during warm-up. Multistep technology is now available on the Ecoline series of die casting machines.

Contact: Mimmo Chieco, T +41 71 955 23 51


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