«Lost Core»-Symposium – Great Potential for the Automobile Industry

21.12.2012 On November 13th and 14th, over 100 developers and users of the die casting industry came from all around the world to meet at Bühler’s headquarters in Uzwil to attend the “Lost Core” Symposium. They were eager to learn about the wide range of opportunities this new technology offers. Experts see great potential in the innovative “lost core” process. This was affirmed in the great number of participants of the symposium. The participants – the majority of whom were representatives of the automobile industry and suppliers – were able to see for themselves the wide range of opportunities of Bühler’s “Lost Core” process. Bühler experts demonstrated how the technology is actually implemented with a step by step simulation of a specific project. The participants were able to follow how the core is developed. The economic efficiency of this technology was also explained in a lecture. Finally, during a subsequent round of discussions, the participants were able to exchange experiences and discuss the potential of the “Lost Core” technology. Participants and experts alike agree that the “Lost Core” process will open the doors for completely new opportunities within the next few years.

Contact: Marcello Fabbroni, T +41 71 955 21 04


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