«Lost Core»-Technology

09/07/2012 The “Lost Core” technology creates new opportunities and makes it possible to produce parts that were previously inconceivable. For example, components from the chill cast and sand cast technologies can be substituted, so we can benefit from the advantages of die casting such as savings in materials, shorter cycle times as well as a reduction in follow-up processing. “Lost Core” also allows for the development of completely new components. The internal design of the die can be made more complex. Aggregating multiple components allows for increased integration of functions, and the additional freedom of design makes it possible to create completely new designs for castings.

Starting in June, 2012, the first production facility worldwide for manufacturing “Lost Core” in die casting will be put into action at Bühler’s technology center in Uzwil. The system has been designed for pilot and low volume production. Interested companies will be provided clear insight into this process and will see how cost efficient “Lost Core” technology is.

Contact: Hermann Roos, DA3, T +41 71 955 30 76,


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