Even Faster thanks to the DISPO Interface

09/07/2012 “Plug and Play” is a term that comes up again and again during commissioning of a die casting system. Due to the complexity of modern casting cells, a great deal of coordination of communication between the individual devices is required. This can even lead to longer commissioning times. In order to make this process more efficient, a new standard, “DISPO”, was developed to ensure communication between the die casting machine and the peripheral devices. The DISPO interfaces meet the demands of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) all across Europe and were defined by manufacturers of die casting machines and devices. Bühler also provides the interfaces in addition to the standard interfaces. They cover the communication between the machine, the metal dosing system, and the sprayer device. DISPO is available as both a digital as well as Profibus interface.

Contact: Christian Eisenegger DE1, T +41 71 955 38 00,


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