Casting Technologist: A Profession that offers Variety and a Future

09/07/2012 Mathematical and organizational skills as well as critical thinking and craftsmanship dominate this image of the extremely varied profession of casting technologists. They are responsible for designing the different casting dies; they prepare the metal and monitor the production processes as well as the quality of the castings that are manufactured in different casting processes. Together with the Swiss Foundry Association, Bühler has been working on the continued development of this profession. By offering introductory courses for various foundry professions, Bühler supports its customers in promoting the training of skilled workers for the future. This is confirmed by our “young” technologist, Tobias Gämperle, who is just finishing his apprenticeship as a die casting technologist. Bühler is currently training a casting technologist in Uzwil. “Over the past four years of my apprenticeship, I was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and also benefit greatly across various disciplines. The experience gained by working in various foundries and at Bühler has provided me a good foundation for my future career.”

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