Change in the Die Casting Management in Viernheim

09/07/2012 Otto Wälchli has retired – succession planning is in progress Otto Wälchli, the managing director of Die Casting in Viernheim, retired on May 31, 2012. Otto Wälchli started his career at Bühler as a machine designer in 1973, which he continued up to 1982. After this, he continued his professional career outside our organization. He returned to Bühler in 1990 to head the AWT team “Casting Technology Customer Order Processing”. A short time later, he took charge of the “Technical Services” function before being appointed managing director of Bühler Die Casting in Frankfurt – later on Viernheim – in 2003.

During all the years he spent with Bühler, Otto Wälchli was at the forefront of customer activities, committing all his energies and passion to his tasks and projects. His profound die casting expertise, his excellent business acumen, and his outstanding relationships with our customers enabled him to make an essential contribution to the success of Die Casting. We extend our very warmest thanks to Otto Wälchli for his highly valued efforts and his fine and comradely collaboration in all these years. For his third stage of life, we especially wish him good health, much joy and pleasure, and all the best!

Succession planning was initiated some time ago and is now in the final phase. More information will follow.

Bernhard Fritsche Mary Herzog
Head of Die Casting business unit HR Manager


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