Bühler Food Safety Initiative promotes dialogue and innovations

05/03/2012 Uzwil/Plymouth – Another Bühler Food Safety Dialogue was well received by more than 30 U.S. food engineering and food safety professionals. Following a high calibre technology briefing and a panel discussion, the participants were invited to the grand opening of the new food grade Bühler Food Innovation Center. Food Safety Dialogue: valuable exchange about challenges and technology
Since 2010 Bühler has been actively facilitating a transparent exchange within the “Low Moisture Food Industry” to establish priorities for innovation and collaboration, fueled by enthusiastic support from customers. René Steiner, President of Bühler North America states: “Our customers’ contributions to the Bühler Food Safety Initiative are overwhelming and give us a deep-felt duty to continue fulfilling that role”. The dialogue was chaired by Bühler’s Chief Technology Officer, Ian Roberts, who made Bühler’s commitment to Food Safety clear: “As an industry leader, Bühler has a responsibility to contribute to Consumer Safety; or simply put, we must help our customers sleep well at night!” Bühler’s Open Innovation Board’s new member, Prof. Stefan Töpfl, shared his view on relevant Inactivation Technologies, now and in the future. “Food Safety represents an industry-wide challenge and we must collaborate with leading scientists and customers to provide pragmatic and effective solutions for our customers”, commented Ian Roberts. These intimate meetings, with open and sometimes frank exchanges between Bühler’s industry partners and customers, facilitate the food processing innovation the industry requires. The talk was wrapped up by a panel discussion with customers who have been giving their time and advice from the beginning of the initiative.

Food Innovation Center – Dialogue leads to investments and new solutions
Following the talk, Bühler walked the walk and opened up the doors of its first U.S.-based food grade Food Innovation Center in Plymouth (MN, U.S.A.). Here it exhibited a first result of the Food Safety Dialogue: the co-created AeroDry™ conveyor dryer, based on interviews and active feedback from customers who offered valuable insight during the development process. The AeroDry™ conveyor dryer meets today’s food safety demands with its enhanced sanitary design. This investment allows Bühler to offer process trials to their customers on a complete extrusion line including raw material handling, extrusion, drying, grinding, and bulk packaging.

Leading through collaboration – The Bühler Food Safety Dialogue
The intention behind the Bühler Food Safety Initiative is to better understand the challenges and requirements of Food Safety aspects in the markets. Bühler wants to be at the forefront of delivering optimal solutions in order to support our customers’ promise of Engineering Customer Success which will be done rapidly and in a solution-oriented way.

About Bühler:
Bühler is a global leader in the field of process engineering, especially production technologies and services for producing foods and advanced materials. Bühler operates in over 140 countries and has a global payroll of about 8800. In fiscal 2011, the Group generated sales revenues (turnover) of CHF 2131 million.

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