Buhler Sortex maximises food quality and operational efficiency

21.08.2008 Since developing its first optical sorter in 1947, Buhler Sortex has set industry standards consistently and completed 20000 installations in 140 countries. Buhler Sortex solutions are relied on by food processors in every sector. All over the world every type of grain, seed, nut, bean or pulse is being sorted right now by Buhler Sortex technology. So, too, is the total range of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables. And it doesn’t stop there. The technology, which so accurately identifies defective or foreign material by shape, size and colour, is applied by companies in the confectionery, breakfast cereal and snack food industries. Logically, if perhaps surprisingly, it is also increasingly installed in the plastics sector.

The triggers that prompt food processors to invest in optical sorting solutions are appearance and consumer safety. Product that is visually appealing with uniform shape, size and colour influence both the retailer and the consumer in the buying decision. When it can be guaranteed to be free from foreign material from insects to glass, wood to plastic, shells to stones, the consumer experience encourages repeat sales.

Setting Industry Standards
Buhler Sortex maintains a massive, continuing commitment to R&D which has led to the creation of its two flagship products – the SORTEX Z+ and the SORTEX K.

The high resolution SORTEX Z+ optical colour sorter utilises PROfile shape sorting technology. It is available in single or multi chute versions and is widely recognised as the most efficient sorter for coffee and tea, beans and pulses, grains, dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables, as well as nuts and non food commodities.

The SORTEX K is designed to deliver the most effective sorting solutions for fresh or frozen fruit and vegetable processors. Its novel technologies include a combination of high definition cameras, PROfile shape recognition, the ‘Smarteject’ rejection system and alternative feed systems. Mono or bichromatic InGaAs cameras can be chosen to match any customer’s exact requirements.

Advances in camera technology developed by Buhler Sortex have enabled the company to create a product range that outperforms alternative technologies in removing foreign material of every type. Not only is the widest range detected and rejected, but objects unable to be detected by other technologies can be identified reliably.

A Market Leader’s Ethos
Managing Director Bruno Kilshaw emphasises that Buhler Sortex is a truly specialist manufacturer. “We specialise in optical sorters incorporating the most advanced technology and for over 60 years have been global leaders in their design, manufacture and distribution. Sortex branded sorters have become a byword for the reliability, productivity and efficiency that enables processors to add maximum value at minimum cost.

“Our global reputation is founded on our unmatched expertise. 98% of our production goes to our international customers in 140 countries and our contribution to both exports and technical innovation has been recognised by the award of five coveted Queen’s Awards between 1968 and 2005.”

The Buhler Sortex support programme can be accessed at several levels. Whether by helpline, computer link or direct on site support, the company’s objective is to enable its customers to maximise throughput of the highest quality produce with minimum down time.

As Bruno Kilshaw says, “We’re always looking for ways to make our technologies even better – and finding them makes me very happy in my role.”