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Strategic collaboration between Buhler and Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd

27.11.2009 Buhler Group has entered into a strategic collaboration in the field of nano-sized performance additives with the Australian company Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd. Continuar lendo

Space-age technology

02.10.2009 The new SORTEX E sorter of Buhler Sortex uses space-age technology to remove foreign matter with unmatched efficiency during packaging of frozen fruit and vegetables. The SORTEX E is an innovative and cost-effective machine which minimizes the rejection of accept product and reliably detects foreign material. Continuar lendo

Upgrading recycled PET

21.09.2009 Solid State Polycondensation (SSP) of PET flakes allows the molecular weight of recycled PET to be efficiently increased. At the same time, the PET flakes are purified so that they can be used in applications where the material will be in direct contact with foods. The largest advantage offered by the process is its high reaction and cleaning rate. Continuar lendo

Small size, big impact

11.09.2009 A world first has been rolled out by the Buhler affiliate PARTEC: OxylinkTM improves the chemical resistance and barrier strength of water-based coatings while at the same time reducing the drying time. This ultimately also reduces the processing times – whether the product formula has been designed for wood or furniture, for metals or plastics, for industrial maintenance or for machinery. This highly effective and broadly applicable additive technology is based on ZnO nanoparticle dispersions. Continuar lendo

Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient

20.08.2009 A new, fully automatic Buhler pelleting system enables the Polish company Stelmet S.A. to utilize the wood remainders from its production process in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way. Continuar lendo

Capacity adjustment at Buhler sites in Switzerland

19.08.2009 The Buhler Technology Group is experiencing a decline in demand in particular in Europe. As no recovery is expected before the end of 2010, the Group is trimming its capacities in Switzerland by some 5 percent by the end of 2009. Continuar lendo

Cost-effective, flexible full-volume bead mill

31.07.2009 Buhler presented its new horizontal Centex® bead mill at the European Coatings Show. Paints and coatings, minerals, suspensions for ceramic applications and other products for the chemical industry can be produced cost-effectively and to a high quality. Continuar lendo

Ecoline – the new machine series

24.07.2009 With Ecoline, the Buhler Die Casting business unit has rolled out a third machine type after the Carat and Evolution. Ecoline has been designed with the medium market in mind and is distinguished by its ruggedness and reliability. Continuar lendo

Newly launched InGaAs technology detects window of opportunity for plastic recycler

15.07.2009 Buhler Sortex applies InGaAs technology to create uniquely elegant solutions in uPVC recycling. Continuar lendo

Oman Flour Mills Co. goes for WinCos

14.07.2009 The existing silo facility of Oman Flour Mills Co. (S.A.O.G.) in Ruwi/Port Qaboos in Oman was built by Buhler in the seventies and has a total storage capacity of 130,000 metric tons. The plant stores and handles 400,000 tons of material a year, predominantly wheat and other grains. In 1995 Buhler updated the electric control system and replaced the relay-based system by a PLC-based one with graphic process visualization. Continuar lendo

The finer, the better

25.06.2009 The new production plant for sheet-fed offset printing inks of Epple Druckfarben AG in Germany has been up and running since August 2008. The facility, designed and constructed by the Buhler Grinding & Dispersion business unit, is considered by the industry to be an exemplary installation which sets the trend in advanced printing inks manufacture. Continuar lendo

Harald and Buhler – a success story

09.06.2009 Harald is a Brazilian chocolate producer that continuously invests in new technologies in order to maintain its leadership in wholesaling and the food industry. Working closely together with the Buhler Chocolate & Cocoa business unit, Harald has evolved over the past five years from a compound producer to a solution provider for industrial chocolate. Continuar lendo

Objective: generate higher value

21.05.2009 The new flour mill of United Millers Ltd. in Kisumu in Kenya allows commercialscale production of flour blends for the company’s own bakery and for export to the countries surrounding Lake Victoria, thus enabling the company to expand ist business. Continuar lendo

Innovation starts with understanding

04.05.2009 Since the end of 2008, Buhler has had a new, state-of-the-art, and flexible Analytical Laboratory. This new center of competence is headed by Béatrice Conde-Petit. Continuar lendo

Revolutionary new procedure for manufacturing varnish for printing inks

14.04.2009 Buhler introduced a new technology for manufacturing varnish for printing inks at the European Coatings Show 2009 – the continuous production in a twin-screw reactor. Continuar lendo

Polaris – the third star on the rise

10.04.2009 Sirius the plansifter and Antares the roller mill have now been followed by Polaris: The Buhler Grain Milling business unit presented its new Polaris purifier at the IPACK-IMA trade show in Milan. It offers higher throughput capacity, improved sanitation, and maximum product safety. Continuar lendo

Fiscal 2008: High Operating Performance

02.04.2009 In fiscal 2008, the Buhler Technology Group increased its sales (turnover) by about 7% to CHF 1893 million, and with an EBIT margin of 8.4% achieved an excellent operating result. Due to the negative financial result, the Group’s overall result declined by 22% from a year ago, to CHF 101 million. Order bookings increased by approximately 3% to CHF 1891 million (previous year: CHF 1838 million). The backlog of orders as of the end of 2008, which rose by 9% to CHF 948 million, and the existing portfolio together form a strong foundation for fiscal 2009. However, in individual business units, volumes are expected to be lower than a year before. Continuar lendo

Buhler and JSW - successful together

30.03.2009 Japan Steel Works (JSW) possesses the necessary knowledge of the Japanese market for die casting systems. Buhler contributes its technological expertise and decades of experience: The Japanese joint venture JSW & Buhler Machinery Ltd., which was launched last summer, has got off to a successful start. Continuar lendo

InGaAs 'Spy in the sky technology' takes Buhler Sortex to the forefront in the Quest for safer and cleaner food

12.03.2009 Continuar lendo

One country – three projects

02.03.2009 First a ship loader in Moss, then a ship unloader in Fredrikstad, and finally a combined loader and unloader in Florø: The Buhler Grain Handling business unit has implemented three projects in Norway within three years. Continuar lendo

Change in Group Management

17.02.2009 Erwin Frei, member of Group Management and head of the Engineered Products division, is leaving the Buhler Group in mid-February upon mutual agreement. He will be succeeded by Stefan Scheiber, who as the head of the global Service and Sales organization up to now was also a member of Group Management. His successor will be appointed in the course of the year. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex to launch new InGaAs technology sorter 'SORTEX E' at Anuga

23.01.2009 The most trusted, most successful and most profitable frozen food processors are those who can deliver the highest quality with a commitment to totally safe food. Continuar lendo

Buhler continues its growth

23.01.2009 The Buhler Technology Group continued its growth in fiscal 2008. Order bookings rose by 3 percent, while sales revenue grew by some 7 percent. The operating profit increased at an above-proportional rate. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex rises to the sunflower challenge

23.01.2009 Sunflower seed processors worldwide switch to SORTEX Z+ to remove multiple and hard to identify defects in one pass. Continuar lendo

A success throughout

14.01.2009 The new Portalino Combi in operation in China Bay, the port of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka, has an impressive size. But the “Big Baby,” as the locals call it, is also distinguished by its high performance in unloading and loading ships. Continuar lendo

Buhler remains family-owned

05.01.2009 Uzwil, January 05, 2009 - Urs Bühler, the sole owner of the Buhler Technology Group, has planned the ownership succession at a later date with his three daughters and thus created the basis for ensuring that the Group will remain in the hands of the family. Continuar lendo

A mill upgraded

10.12.2008 In Vejle, Denmark, Buhler is expanding the Lantmännen Group’s existing facility into one of Europe’s largest and most up-to-date flour mills. The new Lantmännen mill will be the first large-scale flour mill to be completely automated on the basis of the new Buhler WinCos automation system. Continuar lendo

NOVAPUR Retrofit – an entirely new experience of safety and purity

04.12.2008 Plansifters are key pieces of equipment in grain processing and are thus crucial for achieving a high end product quality. Each individual sieve stack should therefore achieve a maximum throughput. But an optimal result is only possible on the basis of harmonic interaction between the sieve material and the grain. Continuar lendo

Carat – a success story

26.11.2008 How has the market accepted the new Carat two-platen die casting machine? Beat Müller carefully observed the market launch. The result: The Buhler two-platen technology has met with wide acceptance. Continuar lendo

Everything running smoothly again ...

12.11.2008 A jointly created master plan forms the basis for renewing the flour mill of Koopmans Meel B.V. in Leeuwarden in Holland. Continuar lendo

Direct crystallization saves energy

29.10.2008 Direct crystallization allows significant energy savings in the production of PET and crystallisable polyester. The CC-PET® process developed by Rieter Automatik and Buhler combines this benefit with the robustness and flexibility expected of stateof-the-art production processes and supplies a dust-free product of stable quality. Continuar lendo

The sun comes out for the SORTEX K

24.10.2008 Buhler Sortex presents to Pan-European audience in Belgium. Continuar lendo

Success with master plan

15.10.2008 A jointly created master plan forms the basis for renewing the flour mill of Koopmans Meel B.V. in Leeuwarden in Holland. Continuar lendo

Three special things

01.10.2008 The customer is special, the product is special, and the production system is special – the new Buhler extrusion system operated by the Brazilian company Inquil Indústria de Amidos Especiais Ltda for producing modified starch for industrial applications. Continuar lendo

Chinese bean processors power Buhler Sortex sales drive

05.09.2008 The market leading performance of Buhler Sortex Z+ bichromatic sorters is enabling Chinese processors of all types of beans to achieve export quality product in greater volume and at less cost than was attainable in the past. Continuar lendo

Diagram - Grain Handling collected reprints

28.08.2008 This special reprint contains many different articles published in the DIAGRAMM regarding Grain Handling installations around the globe Grain Handling collected reprints. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex maximises food quality and operational efficiency

21.08.2008 Since developing its first optical sorter in 1947, Buhler Sortex has set industry standards consistently and completed 20000 installations in 140 countries. Continuar lendo

Side-by-side trial proves Sortex camera technology offers superior performance on foreign material from foodstuff

21.08.2008 Traditional methods for removing foreign material (FM) perform adequately enough, but they have limitations. Foreign materials such as blue plastic, cardboard and light wood can be difficult to remove. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex wins AWS Ecoplastics vote

18.08.2008 AWS Ecoplastics Limited, the UK’s market leader in mixed plastic bottle recycling, is installing a Buhler SORTEX Z+4 sorter at its Hemswell, Lincolnshire, bottle sorting and processing plant. Continuar lendo

Buhler CoolCoreTM receives Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2008

30.07.2008 Buhler’s chocolate process CoolCore was recognized by Ringier for its outstanding contribution in the Chocolate Cold Forming Technology. Continuar lendo

Sights set on product safety

23.07.2008 Three Buhler innovations support the grain milling industry in its efforts to improve product safety. Continuar lendo

The pearl of Luxembourg

09.07.2008 When the goal of a traditional flour milling family is to achieve top quality and sanitation and therefore entrusts Buhler with installing its latest equipment and control technology, this will inevitably produce Europe’s most up-to-date flour mill. Continuar lendo

Three C–lines neatly arranged

27.06.2008 A new pasta factory with one long-goods and two short-goods lines and one additional durum and soft wheat mill each in the midst of an earthquake region: A true challenge for Buhler. Continuar lendo

Buhler acquires Aeroglide

25.06.2008 The Buhler Technology Group has acquired all the shares of the U.S. firm Aeroglide Inc. through the signing and closing of a definitive agreement with U.S.-based, Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI). Aeroglide, a mechanical engineering company that is a market leader in the field of drying and other thermal processes, is active in the food, feed, and industrial sectors. Aeroglide has supplemented the Buhler product range for years as a supplier. The acquisition will enable the future joint development of optimally matched solutions. Buhler will operate Aeroglide as an autonomous center of competence in the form of a business unit. Continuar lendo

Louisville Pecan proves that a dollar saved is a dollar earned

13.06.2008 Reverse sorting with Buhler’s SORTEX Z+ provides healthy yields for pecan processor. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex put SORTEX K through its paces for fresh products

12.06.2008 After the highly successful launch in 2006 of the SORTEX K optical sorter for frozen products, the new fresh product version was tested during the 2007 season. Continuar lendo

Chocolate shot with a heart

11.06.2008 Buhler Bindler will present its revolutionary new “FlexiShot” chocolate molding system at the Interpack in Düsseldorf. Continuar lendo

Buhler’s tailored turnkey solution boosts Portuguese rice mill

30.05.2008 Rapid design and installation of customised plant provides healthy yields for Atlantic Meals. Continuar lendo

“WinCos” is the new conductor’s name

28.05.2008 The new, extremely user-friendly WinCos automation system from Buhler ensures data transparency and an optimal utilization of available resources. Continuar lendo

Pasteurized under vacuum

14.05.2008 The newest development from Bühler Barth AG is its CCP nut and almond sterilization system. Continuar lendo

Antares – perfect, powerful, rugged, precise

29.04.2008 The New Art of Milling: With its novel Antares roller mill, Buhler is setting new standards in the flour milling industry in terms of product safety and operating reliability as well as ease of maintenance and user-friendliness. Continuar lendo

High-tech for super cows

09.04.2008 86,000 head of cattle in air-conditioned barns in the midst of the Saudi Arabian desert receive feeds containing additives blended on a Buhler premix system. Continuar lendo

Buhler sets new trends in PET sorting

07.04.2008 More than 50 years ago, ICI used Buhler Sortex’s pioneering optical sorting techniques for the sorting of plastics. Over the years as technologies have advanced and environmental awareness increased, the use of recycled input materials has become important and the optical sorting of washed PET flakes is now a key process step in the PET bottle recycling loop. Continuar lendo

Sustainable success

03.04.2008 In fiscal 2007, the Buhler Technology Group once again markedly increased its sales (turnover) and result, thus setting a new record in the company’s history. Sales revenues increased by 10% to CHF 1773 million from a year ago. The operating result (EBIT) rose by 34% to CHF 138 million. Orders were received for CHF 1838 million, which is 9% higher than in 2006. Net profits improved from a year ago by about CHF 10 million to CHF 130 million. For fiscal 2008, the Group expects further growth of sales and profits, despite the emerging economic slowdown in some markets. Continuar lendo

SORTEX Z+ shapes the future for peanut processors

31.03.2008 Buhler Sortex applies new technology to sort peanuts by shape and colour simultaneously. Continuar lendo

SORTEX Total Care ensures long term performance

27.03.2008 Buhler Sortex takes its responsibilities seriously. That’s why it is expanding its Total Care package to monitor optical sorting performance remotely across its entire product range. Consequently the lowest possible cost of ownership is guaranteed. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex Celebrates Official Opening Of New Site

26.03.2008 Buhler Sortex, the world class manufacturer of optical sorters for food processors, has moved to a purpose built plant at Gallions Reach, which was officially opened on 14th March by Stephen Timms, Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform. Continuar lendo

Europe’s most advanced plant

19.03.2008 The Italian cereals producer Lameri S.p.a. has increased its capacities. Buhler built Europe’s most advanced multipurpose cereals plant for this customer in San Bassano. Continuar lendo

From 0 to 7 in eight years

05.03.2008 The Yemen Company for Flour Mills & Silos is the world’s fastest growing flour milling group. Within eight years, Buhler has constructed a total of seven large-scale mills, 24 storage elevators, and one ship unloading installation for this customer in Aden and Hodeida. Continuar lendo

Cooperation of Buhler and Aveka

29.02.2008 Buhler and Aveka have teamed up to operate a new shared development and demonstration laboratory in North America for wet grinding and dispersion applications. Continuar lendo

Buhler Partec among the top third of companies firms active in nanotechnology

21.02.2008 Buhler Partec, which specializes in chemical nanotechnology, was awarded the rating “positive” by New York, USA based emerging technology research and advisory firm Lux Research in its latest reference study, The Nanotech Report, 5th Edition. This external and independent evaluation therefore sees Buhler Partec among the top 31% of the companies active in nanotechnology studied in the report. Continuar lendo

Complete retraceability

20.02.2008 BuhlMark stamps the product data onto cast components, enabling each single part to be completely retraced. Continuar lendo

Hygiene optimized by PUR

06.02.2008 With its SIRIUS plansifter, Buhler revolutionized the sifting of milling products years ago. With its new NOVAPUR sieve stack, the developers in the Buhler Milling business unit have now further refined the flour milling process. Continuar lendo

Full order books at Buhler

23.01.2008 The Buhler Technology Group booked orders worth CHF 1,835m in the year 2007. This is 8.5% above the previous year’s level. Continuar lendo

Buhler forges ahead with biofuels

09.01.2008 Energy from renewable raw materials: Buhler is stepping up its efforts to further develop the processes required to produce biofuels and wood pellets. Continuar lendo

New lines produce traditional pasta

12.12.2007 Italy has always been the home of pasta. Rey Pastificio dei F’lli Toso S.r.l. in the Piemont is yet another Italian pasta producer to rely on stateof- the-art Buhler process technology. Continuar lendo

When quality counts

05.12.2007 The Japanese chocolate manufacturer Lotte is now in a position to even faster react to the changing market requirements thanks to their newly purchased Bühler Bindler shell moulding line. Continuar lendo

Buhler acquires majority stake in G.W. Barth AG

23.11.2007 The Swiss Buhler Technology Group has retroactively acquired a majority stake in the German company G.W. Barth AG with effect from July 1, 2007. G. W. Barth AG, a system supplier to the confectionery and food industries, provides services, equipment, production installations, and turnkey factories especially for the treatment and processing of cocoa and nuts. The company thus ideally supplements the Buhler portfolio. G.W. Barth will be integrated as Buhler Barth in the Buhler Chocolate & Cocoa business unit. The current site of G.W. Barth in the German city of Freiberg will be retained and be developed into a joint center of competence. Continuar lendo

Steady growth and success

21.11.2007 The Japanese Torigoe Seifun milling group celebrated its 130th anniversary this year. The group’s development, which specializes in the production of French flours, is closely associated with Buhler. Continuar lendo

“We are seizing the market opportunities!”

07.11.2007 The global grain trade continues to develop in a highly dynamic way. The Buhler Grain Handling business unit is part of this positive development and is also continuing its growth. In this, the focus is on fast ship loading and unloading and safe grain storage in special bulk storage terminals. Continuar lendo

Bühler PARTEC and Brenntag Schweizerhall collaborate to market Carbon-Nanotube Dispersions

05.11.2007 Basel/Uzwil, 5. November 2007 – Bühler PARTEC, a company active in nanotechnology, and Brenntag Schweizerhall, provider of specialty and bulk chemicals, are collaborating to bring the value of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) to the market. The collaboration involves the development and production of tailor-made CNT dispersions by Bühler and their marketing and distribution by Brenntag Schweizerhall. Continuar lendo

Investing in exports

25.10.2007 When COFCO, China’s leading food group, plans to construct a factory for producing parboiled rice, it chooses Buhler as its partner. Continuar lendo

Buhler integrates rice milling and optical sorting business units

22.10.2007 Buhler’s integration of its Rice Milling business unit with its Sortex optical sorting division creates an even stronger solution provider in the rice processing sector. It promises more efficient and cost effective sales and marketing support and an unmatched level of customer service. Continuar lendo

“Meat” made from soybeans and wheat

10.10.2007 The Swiss company Fredag AG has added vegetarian escalopes to its product range. Buhler supplied the production plant and the required process expertise. Continuar lendo

Colour Sorters - an obvious choice for PVC recyclers

26.09.2007 In its 'Progress Report' for 2007, Vinyl 2010 (the organisation coordinating the European PVC industry’s commitment to sustainable development) confirmed that 83,000 tonnes of PVC was recycled through its various projects in 2006. Of this, 16,800 tonnes was recycled in the UK alone - and that's more than double the previous year's figures for the second year running. Continuar lendo

High quality calls for adequate capacity

26.09.2007 The innovative Honeywell Flour Mills Limited company commenced milling business in 1998 and has quickly risen to become one of Nigeria’s major milling businesses. Its four flour mills with a total capacity of 1610 tons per 24 hours were all supplied by Buhler. Continuar lendo

Buhler Group Appoints Josef M. Müller as New Member of the Board

25.09.2007 The Group’s annual general meeting appointed the former Nestlé manager Josef M. Müller as new member of the board of the Buhler Group. Following his return from China, he has now assumed his functions. Continuar lendo

The filter hose with the green seam

21.09.2007 The new ExCharge® filter hoses which were specially developed by Bühler for MVRS and MVRT filters for use in the milling industry have been available to our customers for just a few days. Continuar lendo

Bühler Partec´s risk management system certified

11.11.2007 Bühler Partec, a firm active in nanotechnology, is one of the first companies worldwide to introduce a certified risk management system. The certificate was granted to Bühler Partec at the NanoEurope industry trade fair in St Gallen, Switzerland, by German certification body TÜV Süd, which has tested and certified the applied system according to established criteria and safety requirements. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex forms a partnership with Diepvries Doetinchem

03.09.2007 Buhler Sortex Ltd., leading optical sorting specialists from Docklands, London, United Kingdom has worked with Diepvries Doetinchem to complete the installation of SORTEX K colour sorting system in their Doetinchem, Holland plant. Continuar lendo

Becoming a top global market player

29.08.2007 If you set out to climb Mount Everest, you will choose the best possible equipment to take along with you. If you want to get to the top of the world in animal feed production, you will best rely on Buhler plant and equipment. Continuar lendo

Record project in the Cape

15.08.2007 When everything meshes together perfectly, it may very well be that a project can be handled “in no time at all.” This is exactly what happened with the new short-goods pasta line supplied to the Sasko Pasta company in South Africa, where project engineering, installation, and start-up were completed within the record time of eight months. Continuar lendo

Buhler Sortex thrilled to be part of Axion Event

02.08.2007 SORTEX Z+ Colour Sorter a big hit with industry professionals at ground breaking event. Continuar lendo

After 60 years Sortex has a new name and a new home

02.08.2007 Sortex celebrates its Diamond Jubilee as a global leader in optical sorting with a move to a brand new purpose built – and much bigger – headquarters at a riverside site overlooking London City airport. Continuar lendo

Chocolate for cookies

02.08.2007 The Canadian cookie specialist Leclerc has made a successful step toward vertical integration: Since June 12, 2006, it has been producing the chocolate that goes into its products on its own cocoa and chocolate line – which was supplied by Buhler. Continuar lendo

Large, larger, largest

04.07.2007 China is the world’s largest beer market, and the Yongshuntai Malting Group the country’s largest malt producer. The Group recently signed a contract for the supply of a tower malthouse with the world’s highest batch processing capacity of 550 metric tons, selecting Buhler as its supplier. This is quite natural, since Buhler is the global market leader in this field. Continuar lendo

Joint Venture with Japan Steel Works

25.06.2007 Bühler Druckguss AG has announced plans to set up a joint venture with the Japanese Japan Steel Works (JSW) for selling and producing cold-chamber die casting machines. Continuar lendo

Broad basis

20.06.2007 The Buhler Grinding & Dispersion business unit has undergone sweeping changes over the past few years in an ever-new environment. Novel fields of application such as ultrafine coating materials, paints, or cosmetics have been added to the traditional areas of printing inks and chemicals. Continuar lendo

SORTEX Z+ first to sort coffee by colour and shape

18.06.2007 Buhler launched new shape sorting technology that allows coffee processors to sort simultaneously by shape as well as colour, at the Tea and Coffee World Cup in Geneva. Continuar lendo

Buhler Die Casting says “Welcome to PRODUCTIVITY”

17.06.2007 Buhler supplied its first the casting machine exactly 80 years ago. Today, Buhler is at the cutting edge of die casting technology in terms of quality, performance, and process expertise. Continuar lendo

One man handles 80,000 tons

06.06.2007 Higher unloading capacity – shorter berthing times. The new Buhler Portalink 800 installed in the port of Durban helps the company Bidfreight save time and money. Continuar lendo

Buhler wins 15 SORTEX K sales from Virto

01.06.2007 Spanish Group makes massive commitment to unique SORTEX Technology. Continuar lendo

Kampffmeyer Choose Sortex Z for cleaning Wheat

29.05.2007 Premiere Milling Company turn to optical sorting in a move away from me-chanical cleaning. Continuar lendo

Kampffmeyer Group Tackle Ergot Contamination With Sortex Sorters

15.05.2007 Meeting the legal requirements for milling rye. Continuar lendo

Phoenix arises from the ashes

08.05.2007 Fire destroys, but fire also creates the breeding ground for new life. Thus arose a state-of-the-art flour mill with a capacity of 150 metric tons per 24 hours from the ruins left after a fire devastated the Minoterie du Château flour mill in the French town of Ernée. Continuar lendo

New bead mill MicroMedia®P2 - nanogrinding with microbeads now also on commercial scale

05.05.2007 Following the successful launch of the new bead mill MicroMedia® P1, Bühler will present its newly developed MicroMedia® P2-C commercial-scale machine size as a full ceramic design at the European Coatings Show in Nürnberg on May 8 –10, 2007. Continuar lendo

Buhler´s Sortex Colour Sorter In Plastics Recycling

01.05.2007 Efficient and cost effective sorting is at the heart of the plastics recycling industry. Continuar lendo

Three become two

06.04.2007 The Vaksdal mill is one of three flour mills operated by the Norwegian company Norgesmøllene AS. Over the past few months, it has been thoroughly revamped by Buhler. Instead of three old mills, two state-of-the-art milling lines are now in service. Continuar lendo

Making great strides

03.04.2007 In fiscal 2006, the international Buhler Technology Group enjoyed vigorous growth. Sales (turnover) increased by 7% to CHF 1,613 million from a year ago, and the operating result (EBIT) by 24% to CHF 97 million. Net earnings increased by 60% to 116 million. For the current fiscal year, the Group expects continued sales and earnings growth. Continuar lendo

Developing processes together

28.03.2007 Time and again, Buhler technologists develop new processes in close cooperation with customers. The Pasta and Extruded Products (PE) business unit has revolutionized the production technology for making multicolored products by taking this approach. Continuar lendo

Convinced by quality

14.03.2007 A large order for a total of twelve complete die casting cells for manufacturing high-grade engine blocks from aluminum was awarded by the Hyundai Motor Company to Buhler Die Casting. The signing of this contract marks the culmination of a patient effort. Continuar lendo

Buhler Distinguished for Supply Chain Management

12.03.2007 The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology ITP has distinguished the five best European companies in their respective industries for their excellence in supply chain management. Buhler was awarded the renowned distinction in the plant and equipment supplier category. Continuar lendo

Hot business

28.02.2007 The Buhler Rice business unit does not only build rice mills, but also spice mills. Just recently, the new pepper mill operated by the national Pepper Marketing Board (PMB) went into service in Kuching in East Malaysia. Continuar lendo

Buhler supplies world’s largest wood pelleting plant

27.02.2007 Green Circle Bio Energy Inc., a Florida based company in the renewable energy sector, is building the largest facility for the production of wood pellets in Florida. Buhler is supplying the heart of the processing complex – the wood pelleting system. Continuar lendo

Leading Italian Millers Choose Sortex

26.02.2007 Italian grain processors make Sortex their first choice for key Durum wheat to Semolina market Continuar lendo

Loading follows unloading

14.02.2007 Economic progress is yielding results: The Buhler Grain Handling business unit is now also installing ship loading systems in China beside the ship unloaders supplied up to now. Continuar lendo

Buhler Continues Steady Growth

02.02.2007 The Buhler Technology Group grew at an encouraging clip in fiscal 2006. Continuar lendo

Panta rhei!

31.01.2007 The Buhler Feed and Oil business unit is holding its own in the global markets as a reliable partner for the feed and vegetable oil milling industries and for the producers of bio-energy. Continuar lendo

Simple solution to a complex problem

17.01.2007 Die casting is a complex process. One of its sub-processes is the control of the die temperature, which has been hard to monitor and control up to now. Bühler Druckguss AG has now found a simple solution to this challenge. Continuar lendo

SORTEX K sets new standards

17.01.2007 With its new SORTEX K sorting unit, the Buhler Sortex business unit in London has set new standards in the production of safe and clean foods. Continuar lendo

Bindler-FlexiStamp™ Flexible Stamping Head System

04.01.2007 The chocolate industry is finding itself confronted with new challenges due to the increasing variety of recipes and smaller production batches. This wide variety of products requires faster production changes, shorter production cycles, and higher equipment flexibility. The new FlexiStamp™ stamping head system developed by Bindler offers an outstanding solution for achieving flexible batch production. Continuar lendo

Bühler meets Pasta Top Management in Venezuela

14.12.2006 With the topics "Global market trends, future oriented pasta production and new pasta technologies” meets Bühler the needs of the modern Pasta producers. Continuar lendo

A jewel

12.12.2006 From corn trader to corn miller – Buhler has built Poland’s first corn (maize) mill for the Bio Corn company in the southwestern part of the country. It satisfies the most stringent technological and hygienic requirements. Continuar lendo

Processing in addition to harvesting

28.11.2006 In the future, Ghana will not only harvest cocoa beans, but also process them into cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder. Buhler is supplying the necessary systems. Continuar lendo

An ideal team

15.11.2006 The Sayga Flour Mills company has existed in the Sudan for ten years now. And since exactly these ten years, a close customer relationship has existed between Sayga and Buhler. Continuar lendo

The SORTEX Z+ sets new standards

31.10.2006 Over the past four years, the optical sorters of the Z Series have set the standard in the field of sorting. And now Buhler has further raised it by rolling out the SORTEX Z+. Continuar lendo

Huge opportunities in a vast region

18.10.2006 Industry and trade are picking up in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine. Buhler’s local organization in Moscow is growing in step with the country’s expanding economy. Continuar lendo

SORTEX K - new standards for safe, clean food

11.10.2006 Technologies proven in SORTEX Z+ dry sorters are applied to revolutionary solutions for fresh or frozen fruit and vegetable processors. Continuar lendo

A large-scale mill moves

04.10.2006 What to do if there is no longer enough space left for further increasing the capacity of a flour mill? The people in charge at the Korean CJ Corporation opted for the most straightforward solution: move the entire mill and – after increasing its capacity and updating it – install it at a different location! Continuar lendo

A rising star

20.09.2006 The Buhler Rice Milling business unit enjoys an excellent international reputation as a supplier of state-of-the-art, industrial-scale rice processing plants. As industrialization makes progress in Asia, the rice milling experts at Buhler identify outstanding market opportunities. Continuar lendo

“Green energy” from grain

06.09.2006 Buhler and renewable energy: After launching the wood pelleting process and bio-diesel production technology, Buhler’s Grain Milling business unit is now entering another novel business field – bio-ethanol. Continuar lendo

“ GRANDE MOINHO ARATU project ” Simply complete!

23.08.2006 Once again, Buhler engineers have proved their high level of performance: They designed the Grande Moinho Aratu, a new, advanced, and fully automated food complex with port terminal, flour mill, cookie factory, and pasta plant in the northeast of Brazil. Continuar lendo

Corina Atzli is the New Head of Communications

22.08.2006 Corina Atzli took charge of Corporate Communications at the Buhler Technology Group in mid-August 2006. She succeeds Detlef Janssen, who has switched to the company management of the PR agency Peter Bütikofer & Company in Zurich. Continuar lendo

Buhler takes over IdraPrince

11.08.2006 On 10th August 2006, Buhler, the Swiss technology group, took over IdraPrince of Holland/Michigan (USA). With this move, Buhler is taking an important step in the expansion of its die casting division. Continuar lendo

“ HOLLAND MALT project ” Superlative malthouse

09.08.2006 Eemshaven on the shores of the North Sea, the Dutch brewery group Bavaria N.V. recently designed and constructed a large-scale malthouse based on the latest technological knowledge. Buhler was a major player in the project. Continuar lendo

Extruders lead to success in niche markets

26.07.2006 The Rubin Mill in Lahr in the southwestern part of Germany has successfully established itself as a maker of niche products. Last year, it expanded its range of production equipment by adding another extrusion line for making direct-expanded breakfast cereals and cornflakes. Continuar lendo

Buhler PARTEC inaugurates kilogram-scale pilot plant

14.07.2006 On July 7, 2006 the next step for Buhler PARTEC was made. A new kilogram-scale pilot plant with an explosion-proof room and three laboratories started operation. Continuar lendo

Serbian soft fruit comes out of the cold

13.07.2006 Sortex solution improves efficiency and cuts costs in frozen fruit sorting. Continuar lendo

Locally available to customers around the world

12.07.2006 The Buhler sales organization is near customers in 140 countries with over forty affiliated companies, additional branch offices, and numerous agencies. Sales & Service is not merely a division in the Group, but a philosophy. Continuar lendo

Innovation award for Buhler PARTEC

30.06.2006 This year’s APCS (Asia Pacific Coatings Show) took place on June 20-23 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The trade show was attended by over 100 raw materials producers and plant manufacturers from the Southeast Asian paints and inks industry. A specialist convention, the Asia Pacific Coatings Conference, was held concurrently with the exhibition. Continuar lendo

Teamwork up to the first “shot”

28.06.2006 The support offered by Bühler Druckguss AG has enabled the South Korean company Innocast Inc. to win lucrative export orders. Continuar lendo

New tower malting plant for Yongshuntai Malting Group (China)

17.06.2006 Yongshuntai Malting Group (GDH-Supertime Development Ltd. / Hong Kong) has chosen Buhler as general contractor for the supply of their new tower malting plant of its affiliated company Guangzhou Malting Co., Ltd. (Guangdong Province).The nominal annual capacity will be 100.000 t of high quality malt and pushes the company into the top five of the world malt production. Continuar lendo

SORTEX Z+, The Latest Generation Optical Sorter

15.06.2006 Sortex Z series sorters are used all over the world. Their sorting accuracy gives the best yield and efficiency of any optical sorting system even at very high production capacities. Now we are delighted to introduce the very latest sorting developments in the new SORTEX Z+. Continuar lendo

Sortex Performance Wins Approval From SOS Group

15.06.2006 Trial result leads to eight Z4 sales within year. Continuar lendo

The Future of Your Business Approved

15.06.2006 Calling all processors of pulses, grain, nuts, coffee and cereals - The new SORTEX Z+ optical sorter has arrived and processing your product just became simpler, more efficient and better value than ever before.