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Did you know that wheat is the basic food staple for 3.5 billion people, while more than 2 billion depend primarily on rice and 900 million on corn? Furthermore, did you know that on an annual basis, 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed and 8 million tons of chocolate are produced? It's a fortunate fact that Bühler specializes in each of the above industries. And in order to ensure that it stays that way, we are constantly on the search for new employees who will bring their above-average skills to use for the benefit of our customers. Qualified employees are the basis of our success.

We stand for

  • Globality
    A network comprised of 10,600 people and spanning around 140 locations. With approximately 2,500 employees in eastern Switzerland, Bühler is one of the largest employers of the region. Our global network of ideas and experience creates opportunities for a variety of different careers.
  • Spirit of discovery
    We invest around 100 million Swiss francs annually in basic research and applied development. Our employees work in close collaboration with clients, universities and research institutes, which guarantees us a position at the forefront of knowledge.
  • Quality
    Bühler delivers what our customers expect of us - high standards of quality.
  • Focus on our customers
    Our focus is on how we can most benefit our customers. Together with our customers, our employees develop areas of added value, which sets our customers as well as ourselves apart from the competition.

 Take a journey of discovery and find out what a professional future with Bühler may hold in store for you.

Aprendizes e iniciantes

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Estudantes e graduados

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Bühler Learning Center

O BLC oferece com seus centros de aprendizado local programas de treinamento de alta qualidade no mundo todo.

A Bühler como empregadora

Em todo o mundo, a Bühler aposta em desenvolvimento local forte e continuo e fortalecimento da base de funcionários.

Bühler na Suíça

Ser colaborador na Bühler não significa apenas fazer parte de uma história de mais de 150 anos de sucesso.