Coating Drum DFSC

Coating Drum DFSC – Efficient upgrading of feeds.

- Top sanitation standard thanks to special spray pipe design
- Easy maintenance thanks to multiple coupling
- Flexible application with up to 3 liquids

Coating Drum DFSC

The Bühler coating drum DFSC is suitable for upgrading feed pellets, aquafeeds, and petfoods by coating them with fats and oils, colorants and flavorings, vitamins and enzymes. A maximum liquids addition rate of up to 8 percent of the product throughput is possible. Top sanitation thanks to special spray pipe design
  • Spray pipe with a reduced bearing face and recessed nozzles minimizes product deposits and reduces the risk of contamination
  • Cleaning of the main line by compressed air prevents subsequent trickling-off of liquids
  • Leakage-proof, sealed outlet housing

Easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to multiple coupling

  • Quick and easy installation and removal of the spray pipe thanks to low weight and clamp fasteners.
  • Fast disconnection and connection of the liquids supply line from the spray pipe thanks to convenient multiple coupling.
  • Stop valves on the liquids supply line and multiple coupling prevent subsequent trickling-off of liquids after disconnection.

Flexible application with up to 3 different liquids

  • Simultaneous spraying of up to three different liquids is possible.
  • Spray pipe can be subsequently retrofitted from one to two or three liquids.
  • Coating drum is available in mild steel in sizes of 30 or 50 t/h or optional size 30 also available in stainless steel.


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