Bagging Station Maia MWPG

Bagging Station Maia MWPG – for efficient and reliable bagging.

- Highly dependable operation
- Maximum flexibility
- High throughput
- Excellent sanitation

Bagging Station Maia MWPG

Bühler's new Bagging Station Maia MWPG is ideally suited for the fully automated bagging of milling products such as flour, granules or premixes in bags made of paper, woven polypropylene or plastic film with a filling volume of 20 to 65 liters. Optimum operational dependability ensures high bagging capacity
The operational dependability of the packaging technology plays a key role in the packaging of milled products. It is a precondition for efficient, continuous bagging. The new Maia Bagging Station excels through its reliability and outstanding performance, resulting in higher capacities and constant filling accuracy.

Modular design for maximum flexibility
The modular design of the bagging station makes it possible to easily combine upstream and downstream elements. If bagging volumes increase, the unit can be equipped with an additional spout.

High throughput at low operating costs
The high operational reliability of Bühler's Bagging Station Maia leads to significant improvements in line efficiency: minimal downtimes, long service life! The unit's efficiency can be measured in low operating costs.

Optimized design for excellent sanitation
A feed screw providing dust-free filling and compaction, an enclosed casing and dust-tight bag spout with integrated aspiration ensure hygienic packing and ideal sanitation.

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