Newly launched SORTEX E1C takes nut sorting to new peaks

10/31/2011 Faced with ever stricter food requirements which mean that almost no foreign material (FM) or colour defects are allowed in sorted products, nut processors around the world have had their margins squeezed to the limit. They must be able to rely on the optical sorters they use. Thankfully - the SORTEX E1C has arrive.

"We developed the SORTEX E1C with nut processors firmly in mind. It offers them the strict quality control and food safety hygiene they need," says Bühler Sortex product manager, Faisal Baig. "What makes the SORTEX E1C so special is it combines our cutting-edge technologies, to offer unrivalled optical sorting capabilities."

Key benefits
The SORTEX E1C brings together broad-spectrum lighting, bichromatic cameras, enhanced InGaAs and PROfile (shape) technology that provides exceptional detection of subtle defects and challenging FM, such as sticks of the same colour. Great news for peanut processors too, as the SORTEX E1C’s broad-spectrum lighting system, combined with filters, can detect subtle yellows and insect spot damaged nuts with astonishing accuracy.

“It also features a Climate Control System and improved dust management that delivers consistent performance – first time, every time,” Baig adds. “And when it comes to dusty products or products with loose skins, the SORTEX E1C’s performance is second to none. Falsely rejected product is minimized.

“Other sorters cannot match the SORTEX E1C when it comes to processing fragile products either and that means minimal breakages, which helps processors to maximize their efficiency and profits.”

Raising the Bar
As Baig points out, these are not the only benefits that make the SORTEX E1C special. It has raised the bar when it comes to safety and hygiene.

“Processors must be able to clean their sorting equipment thoroughly, if legal hygiene levels are to be maintained. That’s why we developed the SORTEX E1C, a dry food optical sorter that has an open construction design, which is much more convenient when it comes to cleaning. Operators can thoroughly wash down parts of the SORTEX E1C that come in contact with food.”

The SORTEX E1C has been designed to fit seamlessly into the process line, which means there is no need to keep stopping and starting the sorter, to clean optical surfaces.

Baig is very proud of the SORTEX E1C. “Historically, Buhler has always shown its willingness to invest in innovation to the great benefit of its customers. The SORTEX E1C is just the latest example. This fabulous processing solution will usher in a new era for high-speed dry food optical sorters. The SORTEX E1C really is in a class of its own,” he concludes.