Bühler's SORTEX E1D gains Congelados El Pedaneo seal of approval

06/22/2011 Small Spanish processor breaks with hand sorting tradition to choose a revolutionary SORTEX model as first optical sorter. Congelados El Pedaneo operates on a small scale in Murcia, south-east Spain. Established in 1988, it has built a reputation for being alert to customer needs and highly flexible in its response to market conditions.

The company's product range is extensive but its former reliance on labour intensive hand sorting meant that profit margins were squeezed when low value commodities were processed.

Mr. José Rojo, Congelados El Pedaneo’s managing director, analysed the technology options available to the company that would improve volumes, detect reject of all types with outstanding accuracy and enable low value products to be sorted profitably.

“We chose the new SORTEX E1D after researching all available technologies carefully. It was our first venture into optical sorting and our wish list of vital functions was demanding. We wanted to be able to process several short runs of different products on any one day. Many important customers, among whom France Recherche et Développement is typical, have different packing requirements and we had to be able to meet the highest quality standards with maximum yields and a high reject concentration value. The SORTEX E1D ticked all the boxes.”

Among the boxes it ticks is its quick and easy set-up function. Importantly, its ease of operation means that semi-skilled personnel can manage a hi-tech sorter confidently with minimal training. The SORTEX E1D's versatility also means that FM detection runs in the background to identify wood or plastic contaminants that may be introduced in the packing process.

As for the products processed by Congelados El Pedaneo, Mr. Rojo ticks them off. “It's not exhaustive but the list includes sweetcorn, diced onions, broccoli florets, diced 10x10 tomato – calyx and brown tip removal, de-cored mixed diced peppers, green peppers – core removal, diced aubergine and petit pois. In that final instance, incoming contamination was previously over 35pc. In one pass our SORTEX E1D achieved a high quality saleable grade.”

Congelados El Pedaneo now finds that it can achieve a triple success. It operates more efficiently. It operates more profitably. And it is setting a valuable new bench mark in customer satisfaction.

Bühler Sortex wins El Padaneo approval. Bühler Sortex wins El Padaneo approval.