Bühler takes the lead in reducing mycotoxins in challenging sort applications

06/18/2013 New SORTEX A MultiVision optical sorter delivers exceptional food quality and safety through advanced defect inspection technology. The Bühler Group, a global leader in optical sorting solutions, has today further strengthened its leadership in optimised food processing for challenging applications, with the launch of its most advanced high capacity optical sorter yet. Equipped with industry-leading custom-designed MultiVision camera technology, the SORTEX A MultiVision is designed to deliver exceptional yield, through superior defect and foreign material detection. It excels in the most difficult of dry commodity food sorting applications, where the strictest levels of food quality and safety are demanded.

“Mycotoxicology is currently a subject of international importance. With the increasing incidence of mycotoxins in the food chain - toxic to humans and animals - processors of a wide variety of foods, all over the world, are seeking more reliable sorting solutions. They need to remove these defects cost-effectively so that their commodities will meet the safety standards demanded of them,” explains Buhler Sortex R&D director Matt Kelly.

“This is a major health issue for the consumer. So, in response to this need, we have invested heavily in the development of our most advanced optical sorter – the SORTEX A MultiVision – which is suited to a wide variety of dry commodity applications, including nuts, seeds, coffee and grain. Blighted product from a range of foodstuffs can be targeted, including such mycotoxins as sclerotia from sunflower seeds, vomitoxin from wheat, fusarium from barely, ergot from rye, and aflatoxins from peanuts and treenuts.”

As Kelly explains, the optical sorter’s Advanced MultiVision Inspection System is a key element, driving its phenomenal sorting performance. “This enhanced inspection system, with its four wavelength technology [visible and infrared] and PROfile [shape] detection technology, is able to identify defects not possible with RGB technologies.

Processors who seek ultra-precise sorting for high volume applications can benefit from Bühler’s state-of-the-art Enhanced InGaAs camera technology. This has been created specifically for high-speed optical sorting, enabling the SORTEX A MultiVision to identify the subtlest of colour defects, which means it can remove contaminated product and ‘same-colour’ foreign material with outstanding accuracy.

Matt Kelly continues, “Managing highly contaminated input product also becomes easier, thanks to a user interface with improved mapping technology and an enhanced background design that provides better detection of subtle colour variations, spot defects and foreign material. We expect businesses in many different sectors to see the benefits of the SORTEX A MultiVision, because it delivers faster performance and finer sort qualities, for higher capacity processors.”

The five chute design provides processors with maximum sort configuration flexibility, providing both re-sort and simultaneous sort on the same machine. This delivers superior efficiency and productivity, with sort capacities of up to 15 tonnes per hour, dependent on the commodity and application.

Maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum. Sophisticated dust management, including sealed optical and control boxes protecting essential components from dust, minimise downtime and increase hourly capacity and yield. Low power and low air consumption, along with long-life, high-speed ejectors, further reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Kelly added: “Buhler Sortex will continue to lead the market in the supply of advanced, high-capacity optical sorters, for the most challenging of toxin and foreign material sorting applications, building on our heavy investment in new product development, expansion of proprietary camera technology and strategic partnerships with leading global food processors.”

Buhler Sortex managing director, Hamid Kefayati, said: “The introduction to the global market of our most advanced optical sorter for dry commodities, cements Bühler's position as the leading optical sorting technology partner for food processors who are seeking to reduce the most challenging toxin defects from their yield.

“This demonstrates our continued investment and commitment to supporting innovation in this growing sector. It also highlights the critical role that Buhler Sortex optical sorters play in delivering maximum profitability in difficult mycotoxin applications and ensuring the highest levels of food safety standards,” he concluded.

Buhler Sortex is a worldwide brand recognised for intelligent premium technology and engineering quality in optical sorting, with a sorter install base of over 25,000 machines worldwide and a global presence in over 140 countries, underpinned by The Bühler Group with over 150 years in process technology.