Vacuum Technology: Simplest Handling with Bühler Smart Interface

10/14/2011 The Vacu2 multi-stage vacuum system, made by Pfeiffer, is distinctly different than traditional vacuum products. Two separate vacuum circuits are used and a clever measuring technique monitors the entire evacuation process providing the process engineer a clear view of the vacuum achieved during production. The newly developed Bühler Smart Interface makes it even easier to run the process. The system can now be calibrated directly from the die casting machine controls with a simple push of the button. . Additional monitoring routines automatically assess any process deviations and locate any possible trouble spots. An integrated support system gives the user detailed instructions for problem resolution. The Smart Interface can be retrofitted on all current Bühler die casting machines with the Datanet control system. Bühler, together with the Pfeiffer Vacu2 system, offers state-of-the-art vacuum technology to meet the highest demands.

Manuel Callegari, Group Manager for Application Technology

Pfeiffer Vacu2 system Pfeiffer Vacu2 system


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