Bühler Employees and the Solar Mobile in the Australian Outback

10/14/2011 Starting on October 16th, there will be no turning back. That is when the World Solar Challenge starts in Australia in which vehicles race “down under” using sunlight as their only source of energy. The World Solar Challenge starts in the north in Darwin and runs 3000 kilometers straight across the outback to Adelaide, which is in the southern part of the country. For the past year and a half, Bühler employees, the Solar Energy Racers, have been working on this project in their spare time. They have built the SER 1 – a solar mobile that is currently on its way to Darwin. Over the past few weeks, the car was subjected to intensive testing at an airport in order to simulate entire race days and to test it at high speeds. The Solar Energy Racers are looking forward to taking part in the World Solar Challenge race this year and to competing against teams from around the world.

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