Sorter upgrade

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex streamlines its range of vegetable sorters with a redefined upgrade policy. Here are two examples of keeping Bühler Sortex optical sorters up to date, without having to order new ones. Westfro BV of Staden, Belgium is a satisfied user of a SORTEX K2A- BXBI, but with ever increasing demand for the removal of foreign material in the process line, it asked Bühler Sortex for advice. Since the installation of the sorter in the frozen vegetable line in 2008, Bühler Sortex has introduced enhanced InGaAs cameras for even safer removal of wood, plastic and cardboard.

This machine will be upgraded with these enhanced cameras to the new SORTEX K2A-BRBX. In conjunction with the upgrade, Westfro is also installing a second machine in time for the approaching season for peas, green beans, carrots and other frozen vegetables.

“We appreciate the flexibility and local support we get from Bühler Sortex” says Dirk Verhaelle, Director Westfro BV. “We look forward to the better performance and increase in production this investment will give us for the new season”.

A second customer, which is one of Belgium’s largest canning factories, is also installing a second SORTEX unit in its canning line for peas, green beans, diced and sliced root vegetables, and salsify.

”Since the installation of out first SORTEX K2P-BXBX, Bühler Sortex has come up with some features which make the machines easier and simpler to operate” says a spokesman for the Company. “We will have both units under a Total Care Contract under which Bühler Sortex effectively run our machines for us at a fixed, known cost. This is a great feature for us”

The SORTEX K optical sorter The SORTEX K optical sorter


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