Spotlight on Bühler China

07/06/2011 China is the biggest producer and exporter of frozen fruits and vegetables in the world. With increasing labour costs and tougher competition, leading fruit and vegetable processors in China are looking into the possibilities of machine sorting as an alternative to manual sorting. After a year and a half of development, Bühler can now offer strong solutions to cater to the sorting needs of these customers. Its competent and experienced team, based in China, consists of technically-savvy sales and service people who work closely with the marketing team in Bühler London to develop strategies based on the most advanced technology and market information. Consequently, our customers are better able to meet the increasingly high standards demanded by consumers in every international market. Bühler’s presence in the processed fruit and vegetable market in China is growing – a reference site in the Zhejiang province has just been secured and several more opportunities are currently being explored. The strengths of the Bühler China team are sure to play a key role in delivering a successful year for Bühler in the processed fruit and vegetable market.
The Bühler China core team. The Bühler China core team.


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