Energy-Efficient Solutions from Bühler Druckguss.

06/28/2011 Uzwil – Bühler Druckguss will present the subject of energy efficiency with a live demonstration of the flexible and versatile Carat die casting machine at the 12th International Foundry Trade Show (GIFA). It supports sustainable production techniques, such as the manufacture of structural components or the application of Lost Core technology, a new process for aluminum die cast parts. Foundries contribute to the protection of resources and climate with energy-efficient production while even reducing production costs. The efficient use of energy is a major concern for Bühler Druckguss as well. As a worldwide leading technology partner for the die casting industry, Bühler Druckguss supports its customers with modern equipment and production techniques and provides valuable consulting services for long-term and trouble-free operation.

Carat – A Benchmark for Die Casting
The high-performance two-platen die casting machine serves as the measure of all things for the pro-duction of cast parts of medium to high complexity as well as for structural components. With the three basic models, Lean for low weights with large surface area, Compact for standard die cast parts, and Extended for thick-walled parts with small surface areas, Carat is well-suited for nearly every application. The Carat locking unit is impressive thanks to minimal distortion, thereby guaranteeing dimensional accuracy of the produced parts. The Carat is available in 13 different sizes, from 10,500 to 44,000 kN locking force.

Structural Components for Reducing CO2
For the automobile industry, producing vehicles with light construction and components is a main criterion for reducing CO2 emissions. Tests have shown that a reduction in weight of 100 kg leads to 8.5 grams of CO2 less per kilometer driven. With its «Structural» approach, Bühler Druckguss supports its customers in the development and production of structural components. Besides providing the appropriate systems engineering and support for parts and die design, the unique service package also includes configuration of the ideal process management. This comprehensive approach is topped off with the on-site implementation during which local Bühler specialists pay particular attention to the training of the operators.

«Lost Core» Technology Opens Up New Business Opportunities
Up to now, nearly half of the cast aluminum parts are not produced in the die casting process. Bühler will be showing the new «Lost Core» technology at the GIFA. This process makes it possible to produce parts that until now could only be chill cast and sand cast. We are also able to take full advantage of the benefits of die casting such as savings in materials, shorter cycle times as well as a reduction in follow-up processing. «Lost Core» also allows for the development of completely new components. The internal design of the die can be made more complex. Aggregating multiple components allows for increased integration of functions and the additional freedom of design makes it possible to create completely new designs of parts.

What We Know About Energy Efficiency
GIFA attendees are invited to test their own knowledge about the responsible use of energy at Bühler’s booth. In addition to the opportunity to win some attractive instant prizes, two iPads will be given away every day. Anyone not planning to attend the trade show or anyone who wants an early start, the game is available online at

Bühler is a global leader in the field of process technology, particularly for production technologies and services for producing food and engineering materials. Bühler is active in over 140 countries and employs approximately 7800 employees around the world. The corporation generated sales of CHF 1,907 million in fiscal year 2010.

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BMW struts cast on a Carat 400. BMW struts cast on a Carat 400.
Carat Two-platen die casting machine Carat.


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