Buhler grinds it all – from highly viscous masses to nanodispersions.

Uzwil, 03/29/2011 At the European Coatings Show 2011, Buhler AG is presenting a wide-ranging portfolio of machines and services for the dispersion and wet grinding industry under the slogan “Buhler grinds it all”. The international oriented Swiss company’s solutions underscore the fact that nearly every conceivable application of wet grinding technology can be processed using a Buhler machine. This is true both for highly viscous masses and applications in the nanometer range. Three-roll mills or special mills can be used to produce extreme viscosities, such as glass pastes for the solar industry or dispersions for battery compounds. In addition, the Swiss company supplies high-tech agitated media mills that are specialized in the production of nanoscale dispersions with high throughput.

A look at the current product palette
MicroMedia™ – the nano agitated media mill excels at producing liquid products, which needed to be dispersed or grinded at the low nanoscale with high specific energy. The small-volume annular agitated bead mill captivates with variable power density from 0.1 to 4 kW/l and is suitable for grinding beads from 20 to 400 µm. The MicroMedia™ impresses with its intense cooling system.

SuperFlow™ – the annular agitated bead mill for applications with low to medium viscosity and target fineness at the nanoscale. The small-volume annular agitated bead mill with axial product flow featuring a power density of up to 4 kW/l. Energy introduction is accomplished by turbulent eddying of grinding beads (0.2–2 mm) between tightly overlapping pegs. Narrow process areas set up in series and internal bead circulation with centrifugal separation at the upper end of the inner process area are unique features of the SuperFlow™.

Trias™ – the new three-roll mill for greater efficiency for extreme viscous products. The completely redesigned roll pressing system of the Trias™ enables constant and reproducible quality, independent of the operator. All parameters and production values are displayed with trending and can be saved according to the respective orders. Reliability, high raw-material yield and gentle dispersion of contami-nation- and temperature-sensitive products are key properties of this three-roll mill from Buhler. Different roll materials and concepts permit clean room production in accordance with international stan-dards. The camberless VIVA™ roll technology guarantees even product quality independent of the roll pressure.

Centex™ – the full-volume agitated bead mill with superior cost-efficiency for applications with medium viscosity and target fineness in the low μm area. The horizontal mill with innovative combination of functional elements is ideal for batch operation and in many cases also suitable for economical operation in recirculation mode.

K-Series – the K-series is suitable for a wide range of products, from medium to very high viscosities and target fineness until the nanoscale. The K-series has a conical ring chamber mill with dynamic gap separation. At its core is a conical agitator with centrifugal relief of the gap separation and intensive stator and rotor cooling. Optional special materials enable low-contamination processes.

Diverse industries rely on Buhler
Cornel Mendler, Head of Product Management for Grinding and Dispersing Technologies, has this to say: “New and even long-standing customers from an extremely broad range of industries approach us with their challenges to manufacture their products even more efficiently on our machines. Even in cases involving extreme applications, our customers find that the results on Buhler three-roll mills and agitated media mills meet, and often exceed, their expectations.”

Using Buhler’s high-performance agitated media mills, customers are able to meet their precise requirements for the manufacture of battery compounds. Further developments to three-roll mills originally designed for producing printing ink now set the standard for paste manufacture in the electronics industry. For example, metal pastes for electronic components and photovoltaic applications can be produced in this way. At the opposite end of the viscosity scale, Buhler offers tailor-made customer solutions for state-of-the-art industrial applications. Nanoscale products, such as inkjet inks and colour pigments for LCD screens, have been reliably produced with Buhler agitated media mills for years.

Worldwide technology centres
To cover this broad palette of applications, Buhler maintains its own technology centres in Europe, Japan, China and the USA that work closely together with customers to meet the new challenges of wet-grinding technology or to analyse existing product solutions in order to optimise them. Buhler supports its customers at their own laboratories which offer facilities to conduct a range of scientific analyses quickly and professionally. These services and the consulting of Buhler process-engineers during trials are highly appreciated from all customers.

Buhler is a global leader in the field of process engineering, in particular production technologies and services for making foods and engineering materials. Buhler operates in over 140 countries and has a global payroll of about 7800. In fiscal 2010, the Group generated sales of CHF 1907 million.

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Trias™ – the new three-roll mill for greater efficiency for extreme viscous products. Trias™ – the new three-roll mill for greater efficiency for extreme viscous products.
News_ECS_Micromedia MicroMedia™ - Nano-agitated bead mill for innovative products.


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