„The Art of Coffee” Days – Experience coffee production

19.04.2010 Petroncini and Buhler partner closely in coffee processing and together offer customers tailor-made solutions along the entire coffee production value chain. Reap the rewards of this collaboration first-hand by joining an exclusive customer event in Italy and England for Caffè Culture in June 2010. Buhler and Petroncini drum roasting and roll grinding technology enables optimized process solutions in terms of roast and ground quality, energy consumption and plant flexibility. Buhler Sortex delivers outstanding performance in the detection and removal of a wide range of defects and foreign material from green and roasted coffee. The result is a coffee processing plant that integrates flexibly into customers working processes to deliver highest product quality with maximum plant productivity.

Experience “The Art of Coffee” Days in Bologna/Venice (Italy) and London (Great Britain). Find out more on


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