Improved productivity

01/21/2016 The only way to reach maximum productivity in die casting is to reduce production downtimes consequently. With the Event-Analyzer – a software tool by Bühler – data of a die casting cell can be analysed easily and results are provided as visual illustrations. On customer’s request a Bühler-expert evaluates the data. Reasons for downtimes are identified clearly and effective countermeasures can be set. «Once a week we receive a report which shows us downtimes and their reasons. So we get the chance to focus on main issues and eliminate them consequently. We already reduced the number of machines stops.»
Nahum Karni, Chief Technologist and R&D Manager at Omen High Pressure Die Casting

Additionally, the Event-Analyzer enables long-term analysis. Actions for troubleshooting can therefore be validated certainly.
The Event-Analyzer helps to optimize costs: Downtimes are reduced, maintenance can be planned early and the machine uptime is increased – for more profit in die casting.

For further information see our product flyer.

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Carsten-Dirk Ludwig
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