Timing the Time-Outs

12/17/2014 Machine breakdowns result in a loss of efficiency, energy and productivity, and can result in high costs. For Bühler die casting machines and cells, a new analytical software tool is now available: the Bühler Event Analyzer, which evaluates information gathered from sensors in order to pinpoint the reasons for interruptions and to reduce shutdowns. This, in turn, enhances operational safety and reliability, allows a more efficient performance and a higher productivity, and reduces operational costs significantly. Using the Bühler Event Analyzer, operators can detect the cause of a shutdown and determine whether it is due to machine failure, human error or a defective peripheral device. Beyond immediate troubleshooting, the Event Analyzer collects long-term data on downtimes in the production process. Time series data is visualized to show the occurrence of breakdowns related to their source, and to indicate whether remedies are taking effect over time.

"With precise analyses and elimination of breakdowns the Overall Equipment Effectiveness can be enhanced substantially," says Carsten-Dirk Ludwig, Team Leader Product Management CS and Retrofit at Bühler Die Casting. For each die casting machine, customers can choose to receive the raw data weekly for their own analysis, or to order a long-term evaluation and summary from a Bühler expert on a quarterly basis.

For further information please contact:
Carsten-Dirk Ludwig
Team Leader Product Management Customer Service
Die Casting
Bühler AG, Uzwil/Switzerland
T +41 71 955 15 68

Reduce shutdowns thanks to the Bühler Event Analyzer. Reduce shutdowns thanks to the Bühler Event Analyzer.


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