Ecoline Pro: Simply Perfect, Perfectly Simple.

21.05.2013 With the Ecoline Pro, Bühler has launched a cold chamber series of die casting machines on the market and has expanded its current portfolio of machines. This machine is your best bet if you count on the highest level of quality and uptime with the most flexibility. Ecoline Pro is available in 4 sizes with locking forces ranging from 3,400 to 8,400 kN. The flexible and height-adjustable shot unit allows for a high degree of freedom in the use of a wide range of die casting dies. It works with the utmost precision and fulfills all of the conditions for achieving stable production with Bühler’s Multistep Technology. Ecoline Pro is the ideal solution for producing castings of average to high complexity. It combines modern and reliable die casting technology with its extremely simple handling and highest degree of productivity.

Mimmo Chieco, T +41 71 955 23 51

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