A Change in Bühler’s Executive Board.

21.05.2013 Achim Klotz, a member of the Executive Board and head of the Advanced Materials Division of the Bühler Group, has left the organization. He has been succeeded by Samuel Schaer who, up to now, has been in charge of the Grinding & Dispersion and Nanotechnology business units. Samuel Schaer is a physics engineer (graduate of the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne, EPFL) and has managed the business units “Grinding & Dispersion” and “Nanotechnology” since 2009. He has been with Bühler since March 2002, has acquired management experience and know-how in the fields of development and technologies relevant to the market. Many years of business experience and a wide range of skills enable Samuel Schaer to continue the successful development of the “Advanced Materials” division. As Achim Klotz’s successor, he also assumes his seat on the Executive Board. We congratulate him on his new position and wish him much success.

The Group thanks Achim Klotz for his dedicated service and successful endeavors over the past fourteen years and wishes him all the best for the future and challenges ahead.

Achim Klotz Achim Klotz Samuel Schaer Samuel Schaer


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