Bühler’s SORTEX Z+ delivers higher value yields for plastic reprocessor Adige Ambiente

02/20/2013 The introduction of high quality colour sorting technology has enabled Italian plastics processor Adige Ambiente to achieve significantly higher value yields, for around 35,000 tonnes of recycled PP/PE (Polypropylene/Polyethylene) that it processes each year. Based in the Lake Garda area, Adige Ambiente’s main business is grinding and sorting industrial plas-tics waste, to produce a recycled product to sell to plastic product manufacturers. However, the recy-cled PP/PE specialist identified the need for effective colour separation and grouping technology in order to achieve a higher value, colour sorted, end product.

Bühler’s optical sorting experts identified Adige Ambiente’s complex sorting requirements and pro-vided the most effective optical sorting solution, whilst ensuring maximum yield. Bühler installed and commissioned four SORTEX Z+ bichromatic machines, to sort high capacities of mixed HDPE regrind into four colour groups. The system uses state of the art, custom designed, bichromatic colour sorting camera technology that is designed to sort mixed colour PP/PE into four precisely colour separated products. This enables Adige Ambiente to deliver a pure and consistent end product of the highest possible value.

Adige Ambiente owner Luigi Molinari commented: “We were looking for a way to ensure the highest quality sort from mixed colour PP/PE regrind. Bühler’s expert team were able to demonstrate quality and efficiency in their SORTEX technology. By sorting the recycled product into separate colour groups, we are now able to produce a much more valuable recycled plastics product for our customers, which is ready to be processed into high quality end products.”

Available in four sizes, the SORTEX Z+ can be individually tailored to suit customer requirements, so providing maximum flexibility. Incorporating high-resolution monochromatic and bichromatic cameras, it enables efficient colour sorting and accurate colour grouping. In addition, InGaAs technology and Bühler’s PROfile (shape) technology enhance the detection of unwanted polymers and mis-shapen objects. The SORTEX Z+ is capable of sorting multiple materials simultaneously in the same machine, including the re-sort of the reject.

Luca Castellani, area sales manager at Bühler explained: “By taking representatives from Adige Ambi-ente to a similar facility in Spain which had already implemented Bühler’s colour sorting technology on its plastics line, we were able to demonstrate the quality of the sort provided by our unique SORTEX technology.”



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