Bühler's optical sorting solutions successfully delivers food safety to Goldene Mühle

10/01/2012 For more than 150 years, food safety has been a prime target of the Group. Current global changes in legislation and increased customer demands for quality has forced suppliers of edible seeds to the bakery, cereal, snacks and cake industry to invest in solutions to ensure safe and clean food. Thus, Goldene Mühle of Ladbergen, a European market leader of shelled sunflower seeds decided to install the latest sorting technology from Bühler. This included all-new, optical sorters.

Ulrich Wendeln, CEO and Company owner says “Foreign material can be introduced into our product from the field, during transport, in processing and in the final packing process.” Foreign material (FM) includes wood, stones, pieces of glass, plastics, cardboard, and extraneous vegetable matter (EVM) such as stems, twigs and unshelled sunflower seeds.” Wendeln continued. “Since the installation of the SORTEX optical sorters, our many customers have appreciated our improved product safety and Goldene Mühle has seen its volume of orders increase.”

Michael Zube, Managing Director says. “The risk of recalls, litigation and claims caused by FM has been dramatically reduced. The new SORTEX Z+ sorters have given us unbelievable standards of detection and removal of defects.” Zube continued “By combining several technologies working in unison, including Bühler’s high definition cameras and enhanced InGaAs cameras, we are able to remove even the smallest colour deviations, different shades of hulled sunflower seeds and foreign material.”

Other features include a simple to use interface that can easily be operated by staff regardless of their specialist or technical skills. In combination with all the above technologies plus broad spectrum lighting and two directional viewing, the minimal amount of good product rejected in error with the rejects gives the best sorter product recovery in the Industry.

Ralf Schiwiaka, Purchase and Plant Manager complimented Bühler on the development and design of the installation. The SORTEX Z+ units are placed at the end of the production line before the sunflower seeds are finally weighed and packed. Schiwiaka said “The Flexible integration of the machines in Ladbergen have confirmed our belief that Bühler is the optimal business partner”



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