Retrofit Control System – Ensuring a Longer Useful Life of Existing Die Casting Systems

21.12.2012 The level of technical development within the area of die casting is impressive. Nevertheless, replacing all of the machinery is neither always necessary nor reasonable. It often is enough to update the control system of the machines. The “Datanet-Retrofit” control system Bühler has made available for over a year now ensures that the existing die casting systems continue to operate and produce with a hundred percent reliability. Bühler invested a great deal of time and money in the development of this new technology that makes it possible to offer its customers a new generation of control systems. “Datanet-Retrofit” builds on the control systems of current Bühler die casting machines and can be used on Bühler’s machine series H-160B to H800B, H250SC to H800SC and on the series of large machines SC10/120 to SC 16/230.

Contact: Jean-Dominique Pignat, T +41 71 955 38 21


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