A New Version of BuhlRob with Additional Visualizing

09/07/2012 BuhlRob is Bühler’s robotic solution for extracting parts from die casting cells. The robot, based on ABB technology, was designed especially for use in the tough environment of foundries. The extraction device is distinguished by its compact construction, extensive reach and the ability to bear high loads. Starting immediately, BuhlRob will be equipped with additional visualization of various operating states. With the help of graphs, this will allow as to check directly on the robot’s teach panel if, for example, the gripper is in home position or what the current operating status of the stamping press is.

Thanks to the direct connection to the Bühler Datanet cell control system, the production data can be easily exchanged between the robot and the die casting machine. The settings for the robot can be transmitted directly to or directly from the DC machine controls and shown on the machine display. This makes it easier to handle the entire cell and shortens the die changing process.

BuhlRob makes a real contribution to increasing OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

Contact: Martin Louis DF7, T +41 71 955 31 96,


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