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Moscow, Russia, 24.04.2019  По мере использования матриц их рабочие характеристики ухудшаются. Закупоренные или завальцованные отверстия, неравномерный износ и повреждения отдельных участков матрицы снижают качество гранул и эффективную производительность пресс-гранулятора. Восстановление рабочей поверхности матрицы продлевает её срок службы и снижает производственные издержки.  Читать дальше

Пакетное предложение EASYROLL

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CIS, 25.06.2018 Инновационная система Smartfarm - это решение для управления фермой, обеспечивающее централизованное наблюдение за сельскохозяйственной деятельностью.

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Воркшоп Бюлер «Технология изготовления лапши»

Moscow, Russia, 22.12.2017

Уважаемые коллеги и партнеры,

Мы с удовольствием приглашаем Руководителей проектов посетить наше производство при азиатском головном офисе в Китае в честь Дня клиента 30 января 2018 года.

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Сепараторы Бюлер на складе в Москве

Moscow, Russia, 13.11.2017
В настоящее время на складе Бюлер в Москве есть в наличии следующие сепараторы: Читать дальше

Каталог транспортерных цепей Бюлер

Moscow, Russia, 12.11.2017  Вы можете приобрести у нас цепи не только для транспортеров Бюлер, но и для транспортеров других фирм. Читать дальше

На шаг впереди вместе с Бюлер!

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Новая молотковая дробилка Multimpact™ от Бюлер

Уцвиль, Швейцария, 30.08.2016 Читать дальше

Individualized service at your doorstep

Uzwil, 15.06.2016 To be successful you require a stable manufacturing process with carefully matched operations. Bühler offers fast reaction times from over 100 local service stations worldwide. Our motivated and competent service experts allow you to focus entirely on your own competence – the casting of high-grade components - while ensuring high productivity and uptime of your casting cell. Читать дальше

BuhlerPrince – Recognized as reliable business partner

14.06.2016 BuhlerPrince received the Spartan Light Metals Excellence Award for Cost Initiatives. This award honors suppliers who offer significant improvements to cost and productivity. This is precisely what Bühler stands for; applied die casting technology to improve productivity. Читать дальше

«Машиноведение мукомольного производства» на русском языке

Москва, 06.05.2016 Читать дальше

Bühler+Scherler AG

Санкт-Галлен, Швейцария, 28.04.2016 Читать дальше

Optimizing the HPDC Process with an Integrated Vacuum System

27.04.2016 Vacuum systems in die casting increase the quality of cast parts, but they have their limits. Not anymore however: Bühler’s integrated solution SmartVac offers increased productivity, high flexibility and full traceability. Читать дальше

Improved productivity

01/21/2016 The only way to reach maximum productivity in die casting is to reduce production downtimes consequently. With the Event-Analyzer – a software tool by Bühler – data of a die casting cell can be analysed easily and results are provided as visual illustrations. On customer’s request a Bühler-expert evaluates the data. Reasons for downtimes are identified clearly and effective countermeasures can be set. Читать дальше

Bühler, as a Global Service Partner

01/08/2016 The 11th international Euroguss trade show will take place in Nuremburg from January 12 – 14, 2016. Bühler will be focusing on its role as global service partner and provider of solutions for the die casting industry, shining the spotlight on process optimization on site for customers based on the motto: “We care for you.” Читать дальше

Компания Bühler приобрела компанию по производству шоколада - Hosokawa Bepex

Уцвиль, Хираката, 01.10.2015 В целях дальнейшего укрепления бизнеса по производству шоколада, 30 октября 2015 года компания Bühler подписала договор на приобретение расположенной в Германии фирмы Hosokawa Bepex Gmb, дочерней компании группы HOSOKAWA ALPINE АГ части, входящей в концерн Hosokawa Micron Group, Hirakata. Читать дальше

Бюлер Сервис в России и СНГ

CIS, 26.03.2015 Читать дальше

Bühler counteracts the strong Swiss franc with immediate measures.

Uzwil, 02/06/2015 – The Uzwil-based Bühler Technology Group is launching a comprehensive package of immediate measures to counteract the appreciation of the Swiss franc aimed at safeguarding its competitiveness, under drastically worsened circumstances. Bühler is taping into the possibilities provided by the collective labour agreement and has agreed with its employees to take the following measures: From 16 February 2015, the working week for the entire Swiss workforce will be increased to 45 hours for the next seven months. Recruitment during this period will be stopped and no wage negotiations will be held this year. In return, in Switzerland, the company will refrain from redundancies for economic reasons for the period of seven months. "I am proud of our employees and that we were able to quickly agree on this contribution to safeguard our competitiveness," says Bühler CEO Calvin Grieder. Читать дальше

Обращение Генерального Директора компании Бюлер СНГ

Бюлер СНГ, 26.12.2014 Читать дальше

Timing the Time-Outs

12/17/2014 Machine breakdowns result in a loss of efficiency, energy and productivity, and can result in high costs. For Bühler die casting machines and cells, a new analytical software tool is now available: the Bühler Event Analyzer, which evaluates information gathered from sensors in order to pinpoint the reasons for interruptions and to reduce shutdowns. This, in turn, enhances operational safety and reliability, allows a more efficient performance and a higher productivity, and reduces operational costs significantly. Читать дальше

Retrofit Datanet

12/17/2014 Datanet, the latest generation of control systems die casting machines, is another step from process to cell control, designed to meet the customers’ needs of today as well as tomorrow. The Bühler retrofit control system provides a higher degree of operational reliability. As a result, the system has more flexibility, increased productivity, and consistent availability. It is designed for controlling and monitoring entire casting cells, offering Bühler real-time control. Peripheral equipment can be integrated easily and the object-oriented user interface is an additional plus. Читать дальше

Bühler Madrid shuts down production in Pinto – En-gineering Center of Competence and Sales & Ser-vices will be retained in the Iberian Peninsula

Uzwil/Madrid, 26.09.2014 – The Bühler factory in Madrid, which specializes in the production of conveyers, can no longer be sustained due to a lack of orders, changed market conditions, and obsolescence of its prod-ucts. In view of this loss-generating situation, the decision has now been made to discontinue production activities. However, Bühler Madrid will continue its Engineering Competence Center and its Sales & Service organization with almost 100 employees. Читать дальше

Grinding & Dispersion: Advanced Center of Competence in Uzwil.

Uzwil, 20.02.2014 – The Grinding & Dispersion business unit (Advanced Materials division) is merging its existing applications laboratories in Viernheim (Germany) and Uzwil (Switzerland) and thus creating an advanced Center of Competence in Uzwil. Читать дальше

Bühler erwirbt Mehrheitsbeteiligung an der chinesischen Yaoxian Machinery Guangzhou – Zugang zum grossen und rasch wachsenden Markt für asiatische Teigwaren.

Uzwil, 13.02.2014 – Der Technologiekonzern Bühler beteiligt sich zu 80% an der Yaoxian Machinery Guangzhou, die gute Positionierung in Südostasien auf dem Markt für Produktionsanlagen für asiatische Teigwaren besitzt. Damit eröffnen sich für Bühler attraktive Chancen auf einem weltweit schnell wachsenden Markt. Читать дальше

Bühler’s all-new SORTEX S UltraVision™ - a giant leap forward in intelligent optical sorting for rice

London, United Kingdom, 03.02.2014 – Bühler leads the way forward, with the introduction of its most sophisticated, highest-capacity optical rice sorter yet. The all-new SORTEX S UltraVision™ allows rice processors to define an exact level of quality for their rice, even with highly-contaminated input. Yield is not compromised, enabling processors to deliver increased value for money to their customers. Читать дальше

Change in the Executive Board

Uzwil, 30.01.2014 – Martin Menrath, Leiter der Division Manufacturing & Logistics und Mitglied der Konzernleitung, hat sich entschieden, Bühler im Rahmen einer vorzeitigen Pensionierung im Laufe des Jahres 2014 zu verlassen. Seine Nachfolge tritt Holger Feldhege an, zur Zeit noch Senior Vice President Manufacturing Elevator bei ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG Deutschland. Читать дальше

Slightly more orders released than a year ago

Uzwil, 29.01.2014 – Der Technologiekonzern Bühler erzielte im Geschäftsjahr 2013 einen Auftragseingang von CHF 2363 Mio. oder knapp 1% mehr als im Vorjahr. Der Umsatz lag mit CHF 2322 Mio. um 3,6% unter dem starken Vorjahr. Die Unterschiede nach Geschäftsbereichen und Märkten waren beträchtlich. Читать дальше

Wuxi NutriRice neu vollständig im Besitz von Bühler

Uzwil/Schweiz, Heerlen/Niederlande, 26.11.2013 – Der Technologiekonzern Bühler hat vom Partner Royal DSM dessen 50%-Anteil am gemeinsamen Joint Venture Wuxi NutriRice Co. Ltd. übernommen. Beide Unternehmen verpflichten sich weiterhin ihrem gemeinsamen Anliegen, die Anreicherung von Reis als effiziente und öknomische Technologie zu etablieren, um gegen die weltweite Unterernährung anzukämpfen. Die für den innovativen Prozess benötigten Mikronährstoffe werden weiterhin von DSM geliefert. Читать дальше

Leybold Optics: Schliessung des Standorts Dresden.

Uzwil, 21.11.2013 – Bühler hat entschieden, den Standort Dresden von Leybold Optics zu schliessen, nachdem der Verkauf des Photovoltaikgeschäfts an einen chinesischen Investor nicht wie vertraglich vereinbart abgeschlossen werden konnte. Das Service-Geschäft für alle in Dresden gebauten Systeme wird auch künftig sichergestellt. Читать дальше

Bühler Looks to the Future with ITW Poly Recycling

11/07/2013 Bühler works in partnership with ITW Poly Recycling to increase efficiency and quality. Читать дальше

Bühler Launches Optical Sorting Station

10/22/2013 The Bühler Group, a global leader in optical sorting solutions, has today revealed its unique, market-leading Optical Sorting Station (OSS) system, at K, the Düsseldorf plastics exhibition. Читать дальше

New concept for plastic recycling revealed at K 2013

09/26/2013 Bühler’s Optical Sorting Station - a new concept for plastic recycling - revealed at K 2013. Plus SORTEX optical sorting demonstrations. Читать дальше

„Grüezi Herr Bundesrat!“

09.08.2013 25 Bühler Lernende hatten am Swissmem-Industrietag am 20. Juni 2013 die Chance, Bundesrat Alain Berset persönlich zu treffen – die Begeisterung war gegenseitig. Читать дальше

Wir heissen die neuen Lernenden herzlich willkommen!

07.08.2013 Am 7. August haben 76 Lernende bei Bühler Uzwil mit der Lehre begonnen. Die ersten drei Tage wurden ganz nach dem Motto „Kennen Lernen“ gestaltet. Wir wünschen unseren Lernenden einen guten Start und eine erfolgreiche Lehre! Читать дальше

Bühler sows the seeds of success at Red River.

08/02/2013 New SORTEX A ColorVision InGaAs optical sorter delivers finished product quality of 99.99% purity for leading US sunflower seed processor. Читать дальше

Bühler and Melitta - The Right Blend. Bühler technology enables Melitta to produce the very finest coffee

07/24/2013 There are many things that link Bühler with Melitta - seller of coffee, coffee making machines and filters, with headquarters in Minden in north-west Germany. Exceptional, pioneering individuals started both businesses, more than 100 years ago. And, despite very humble beginnings, both developed into highly successful, internationally active ventures, still family-owned, renown for innovation and commitment to quality and excellence. So perhaps it is fitting that Melitta turned to Bühler to supply cutting-edge sorting technology that will ensure that only the very finest roasted beans make it through into finished products. Читать дальше

Bühler expands rice processing footprint in Thailand with major contract with Siam Indica

06/19/2013 Thailand’s largest rice exporter invests heavily in over 100 Bühler rice processing machines. Читать дальше

Bühler takes the lead in reducing mycotoxins in challenging sort applications

06/18/2013 New SORTEX A MultiVision optical sorter delivers exceptional food quality and safety through advanced defect inspection technology. Читать дальше

Bühler meets the aflatoxin challenge

06/18/2013 Cereal crops exposed to extremes of heat and drought before harvesting, or high temperatures and humidity afterwards, are prone to contamination by the carcinogenic mycotoxin, aflatoxin B, which can cause kidney and liver damage and suppress the immune system in humans and animals. Читать дальше

Cross acquires majority holding in Bühler Thermal Processes AG.

Uzwil/Zurich, 06.06.2013 – Having hived off the Thermal Processes business unit into a separate company last October, Bühler has now sold the majority to the Swiss private equity firm Cross. Contracts to that effect were signed June 4, 2013. The transaction is subject to the approval of – among others – the competition authorities. The new majority shareholder is taking over Bühler Thermal Processes with its management team and all its employees at its present location in Oberbüren while adding experienced industry experts to its Board of Directors. Bühler retains its link with the company through a substantial minority holding. Читать дальше

Bühler triumphs at 2013 Procurement Leaders Awards.

27.05.2013 Bühler’s pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its business was recognized when it won first place in its category at the Procurement Leaders Award Ceremony, which was held in London on 22nd May. Читать дальше

Bühler joins “Partners in Food Solutions”

22.05.2013 Uzwil, Schweiz/Minneapolis, USA – Bühler has joined “Partners in Food Solutions” as its fourth partner. PFS is a nonprofit organization founded by General Mills, which also includes the other leaders in the global food industry, Cargill and Royal DSM of the Netherlands. They collaborate with the development organizations USAID and TechnoServe. The aim is to make the technical and business expertise as well as other resources of the companies involved accessible to small and growing food processors and millers in African developing countries through voluntary employee missions. Читать дальше

Lost Core: Successful Roadshow.

21.05.2013 During February and March of this year, Bühler was on the road with “Lost Core”. Customers in Switzerland and Germany were visited by Bühler experts, and the level of interest was very high. Читать дальше

Sustainable Applications in the Automobile Industry with Lost Core.

21.05.2013 Bühler continues to implement innovative ideas successfully. At the moment, Bühler is working on the application of the Lost Core process for the automobile industry and on optimizing the process in two different application projects with customers. Читать дальше

New Functions Even for Older Machines.

21.05.2013 Die casting machines are being continuously developed and offer more and more new functions. Even older machines must be able to fulfill new requirements that might evolve due to the use of new types of production. Читать дальше

Ecoline Pro: Simply Perfect, Perfectly Simple.

21.05.2013 With the Ecoline Pro, Bühler has launched a cold chamber series of die casting machines on the market and has expanded its current portfolio of machines. Читать дальше

“Structural” – A Great Opportunity for Aluminum Die Casting.

21.05.2013 “Structural” is Bühler’s comprehensive approach to cost-effective production of structural components in aluminum die casting. Читать дальше

A Change in Bühler’s Executive Board.

21.05.2013 Achim Klotz, a member of the Executive Board and head of the Advanced Materials Division of the Bühler Group, has left the organization. He has been succeeded by Samuel Schaer who, up to now, has been in charge of the Grinding & Dispersion and Nanotechnology business units. Читать дальше

Reconditioning at Bühler Brescia Presse.

21.05.2013 Bühler expanded its scope of services in the area of reconditioning when it acquired the Brescia Presse Company (Italy) in 2012. Brescia Presse offers excellent services in the area of reconditioning for die casting machines. Читать дальше

Vanella Farms partners with Bühler to improve efficiencies

05/14/2013 US-based Vanella Farms is located in the world’s prime almond producing state where they hull, shell and process Californian almond varieties. They work closely with their technology partner, Bühler who recently helped them simplify the clean-up process of in-shell almonds after hulling, by removing as many of the mechanical cleaners as possible and eliminating bottle necks. Читать дальше

New compact maize milling solution

Johannesburg/Uzwil, 05/08/2013 The innovative Isigayo compact mill may be a game-changer for newcomers to maize milling and improve food safety and security for rural Africa. Читать дальше

Bühler’s SORTEX E1D cleans up frozen peppers in Ukraine

04/10/2013 Thanks to the sophisticated optical sorting innovations included in the Bühler SORTEX E1D sorter, the Frozen Group Company from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine has been able to reduce the incoming defect levels for frozen peppers, from an initial 75% to an exceedingly low company specification, whilst saving the small seeds for maximum value. The loss of good product in the reject is now significantly less than 1%. Key to the sorting success was setting the SORTEX E1D to operate in reverse sorting mode.” Читать дальше

Bühler starts U.S. safety demonstration tour

04/10/2013 Bühler’s SORTEX optical sorting experts have launched a technology demonstration tour in the US, to highlight the substantial safety benefits of effective sorting in the fruit and vegetable packing line. Читать дальше

Bühler technology reduces breakages in frozen raspberries processing

04/08/2013 Technology specialist Bühler has launched a new soft landing system for its optical sorting technology, to reduce product breakages for processors of delicate frozen raspberries. Читать дальше

Impegno per la sicurezza alimentare.

03/26/2013 Il settore alimentare avverte una pressione senza precedenti per la garanzia di un alto livello di sicurezza alimentare. Nei mercati di tutto il mondo, le conseguenze legali di una sicurezza alimentare inadeguata possono essere estremamente severe. Читать дальше

Buhler Sortex opens its doors to fruit & vegetable processors

03/20/2013 Throughout the first week of March, Bühler welcomed a group of leading fruit and vegetable freezers from Europe to their London manufacturing facility to showcase their SORTEX optical sorting technology and latest innovations for the fruit and vegetable sector. Читать дальше

InGaAs technology delights Ukraine’s largest nut processor

03/19/2013 Europe’s leading nut processors continue to invest in Bühler SORTEX optical sorters, which provide exceptional foreign material detection thanks to unique InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) camera technology. Ukraine’s largest nut processor, the Faeton Group LLC, is a prime example. Читать дальше

Ecoline Pro: The latest enhancement in Bühler’s die casting machine series

05.03.2013 Uzwil – With its Ecoline Pro, Bühler is launching a new cold-chamber die casting machine that seamlessly supplements its existing machine portfolio. Wherever top quality and productivity with maximum flexibility are crucial in die casting applications, this machine will be found to be exactly the right choice. Ecoline Pro comes with a locking force range of 3,400 to 8,400 kN. The shot unit creates a high degree of freedom for using a wide variety of dies, thanks to its possibility of flexible adjustment. Ecoline Pro is the ideal solution for manufacturing cast components of low complexity. It combines modern and reliable die casting technology with very easy handling and unrivaled productivity. Читать дальше

Bühler’s SORTEX Z+ delivers higher value yields for plastic reprocessor Adige Ambiente

02/20/2013 The introduction of high quality colour sorting technology has enabled Italian plastics processor Adige Ambiente to achieve significantly higher value yields, for around 35,000 tonnes of recycled PP/PE (Polypropylene/Polyethylene) that it processes each year. Читать дальше

The SORTEX E1C sets new standards for pecan sorting at Navarro

02/01/2013 Just south of Dallas, Texas, in the town of Corsicana, stands one of the world’s largest pecan processing facilities, Navarro Pecan Company. Their plant, which typically handles around 20% of US production, processes around 50 million pounds of in-shell pecans each year. To support their mission to “provide pecans of superior quality, safety and value to their customers,” Navarro turned to Bühler for its sorting expertise. Читать дальше

Fiscal 2012: Bühler continues growth with constant net profit.

Uzwil, 02/01/2013 – The Bühler Technology Group looks back on a challenging fiscal 2012. It increased both its order intake (+5%) and its turnover (+13%), with acquisitions accounting for the rise in order intake. As a result of the substantial investments made by the Group for securing its long-term future, the EBIT margin declined to 7.3% from last year. Its net profit of CHF 161 million was at the level of a year ago. For the current fiscal year, Bühler expects sales revenues at the same level as 2012 and a return to a double-digit EBIT margin. Читать дальше

Bühler erwirbt Vollbeteiligung an der Maes SA – Stärkung der Serviceposition auf frankophonen Märkten.

24.01.2013 Uzwil – Der Technologiekonzern Bühler ist mit der bisherigen Eigentümerfamilie übereingekommen, 100% der französischen Gesellschaft Maes SA zu akquirieren. Damit eröffnen sich Bühler namentlich im Servicebereich zusätzliche Perspektiven in Frankreich und damit verbundenen Märkten. Читать дальше

Centre of Excellence

01/15/2013 Bühler to officially unveil new customer service centre in London in February 2013. Читать дальше

High capacity SORTEX A provides maximum efficiency for PET Recycling

01/08/2013 Optical sorting technologies are increasingly helping PET plastics recyclers to access the most efficient methods of high quality sorting to enhance product value and maximise profits, according to processing technology expert Bühler. Читать дальше

«Lost Core»-Symposium – Great Potential for the Automobile Industry

21.12.2012 On November 13th and 14th, over 100 developers and users of the die casting industry came from all around the world to meet at Bühler’s headquarters in Uzwil to attend the “Lost Core” Symposium. They were eager to learn about the wide range of opportunities this new technology offers. Читать дальше

Ecoline Multistep: Greater Flexibility for Higher Quality

21.12.2012 The newly developed Bühler Multistep Casting Technology now offers even more flexibility for the filling process profile. Читать дальше

Marius Freitag is the New Team Leader for «Application Technology» at Die Casting

12/21/2012 Marius Freitag has been the new Team Leader for “Application Technology” at Die Casting since July 1, 2012. Читать дальше

Hartmut Schmidt is Appointed New Manager of Die Casting in Germany

21.12.2012 Otto Wächli, the current manager of Die Casting in Germany is entering his well-deserved retirement. His successor will be Hartmut Schmidt. Читать дальше

Retrofit Control System – Ensuring a Longer Useful Life of Existing Die Casting Systems

21.12.2012 The level of technical development within the area of die casting is impressive. Nevertheless, replacing all of the machinery is neither always necessary nor reasonable. It often is enough to update the control system of the machines. Читать дальше

Change in the Executive Board of Bühler.

Uzwil, 12/18/2012 – Achim Klotz, member of the Executive Board and head of the Advanced Materials division of Bühler Group, will leave the organization in the course of the first half-year of 2013. He will be succeeded by Samuel Schaer, who up to now has been in charge of the Grinding & Dispersion and Nanotechnology business units. Читать дальше

Bühler concentrates its main Malting activities at a single site.

Uzwil/Braunschweig/Beilngries, 11/28/2012 – Effective January 1, 2013, the Bühler Technology Group will concentrate the core functions of its Malting market segment currently located at its two German sites in Braunschweig and Beilngries at the headquarters of its Grain Logistics business unit in Beilngries. Читать дальше

Bühler Supplier Excellence Day 2012

Uzwil, 11/26/2012 At this year’s Supplier Excellence Day 2012 in Kartause Ittingen, a former monastery, 60 of Bühler’s best suppliers worldwide were distinguished. In all, 12 awards were presented in two categories, “Bühler Innovation Partners” and “Supplier Performance”. Читать дальше

Lost Core from Bühler: New die casting technology opens up a wide range of applications

Uzwil, 11/23/2012 – Current trends such as lightweight construction in the automotive industry or the pressure to manufacture increasingly better products at lower cost require creative die casting solutions. An innovative answer to this is the "Lost Core" technology (salt core technology), which thanks to its completely new possibilities allows for a diverse range of applications. More than 100 developers and users from around the globe will able to learn about these multifaceted opportunities at a symposium in mid- November at the Bühler headquarters in Uzwil (Switzerland). Читать дальше

Bühler's SORTEX solutions create value for Syngenta

11/21/2012 SORTEX Z+ RBL technology makes positive contribution to Spanish sunflower seed operation.

Syngenta, one of the world's leading seed and crop protection companies, is dedicated to one purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. Through world-class science, global reach and commitment to its customers it helps to increase crop productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life.

Читать дальше

Ecothermatik™ удостоена престижной награды

11/21/2012 Сушилка для длиннорезанных макаронных изделий производства Ecothermatik™ была удостоена европейской награды за внедрение технологий производства пищевых продуктов в 2012 году за наилучшую инновацию в переработке пищевых продуктов и улучшение качества пищевых продуктов. Читать дальше

Bühler’s optical sorting technology underpins success of Moldova’s Maestro-Nut – Eastern Europe’s leading walnut exporter

10/01/2012 Located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south, the Republic of Moldova's wonderfully rich soil and temperate continental climate, which brings warm summers and mild winters, have made it one of south-eastern Europe’s most productive nations when it comes to agriculture. Читать дальше

Bühler's optical sorting solutions successfully delivers food safety to Goldene Mühle

10/01/2012 For more than 150 years, food safety has been a prime target of the Group. Current global changes in legislation and increased customer demands for quality has forced suppliers of edible seeds to the bakery, cereal, snacks and cake industry to invest in solutions to ensure safe and clean food. Читать дальше

The largest classroom in the world

Uzwil, 09/28/2012 – A four-month stay abroad in the final year of an apprenticeship without missing regular vocational school classes? ClassUnlimited™, the concept, developed jointly by Bühler and the vocational and further training center in Uzwil-Flawil, makes this possible. Unique 4D didactic methods and intelligent, interactive technology bridge a distance of 9,000 km and extend the classroom to locations as far away as China. Читать дальше

Change in the Die Casting Management in Viernheim

09/07/2012 Otto Wälchli has retired – succession planning is in progress Otto Wälchli, the managing director of Die Casting in Viernheim, retired on May 31, 2012. Читать дальше

Bühler acquires Italian Brescia Presse S.r.l. – Die Casting business unit adds to its range of services

09/07/2012 Bühler acquired the Business Unit Revisions and Retrofits of the Italian company Brescia Presse S.r.l. a few days ago. This company has collaborated closely with Bühler since 2005. Headquartered in the northern Italian city of Brescia, the company enjoys an outstanding reputation far beyond Italy for its high quality in reconditioning die casting machines. Читать дальше

Casting Technologist: A Profession that offers Variety and a Future

09/07/2012 Mathematical and organizational skills as well as critical thinking and craftsmanship dominate this image of the extremely varied profession of casting technologists. Читать дальше

Bühler has won the METEF International Innovation Award

07.09.2012 The Bühler Technology Group has once again displayed its innovative strength in the high-tech sector and has won first prize in the “Technology & Process” category at METEF. The Die Casting business unit won the sought-after METEF International Innovation Award for its “Lost Core” technology and received the award during a celebratory ceremony on the first day of the trade fair. Читать дальше

A New Version of BuhlRob with Additional Visualizing

09/07/2012 BuhlRob is Bühler’s robotic solution for extracting parts from die casting cells. The robot, based on ABB technology, was designed especially for use in the tough environment of foundries. Читать дальше

«Lost Core»-Technology

09/07/2012 The “Lost Core” technology creates new opportunities and makes it possible to produce parts that were previously inconceivable. Читать дальше

Even Faster thanks to the DISPO Interface

09/07/2012 “Plug and Play” is a term that comes up again and again during commissioning of a die casting system. Due to the complexity of modern casting cells, a great deal of coordination of communication between the individual devices is required. This can even lead to longer commissioning times. Читать дальше

Energy Efficiency Made Comparable

09/07/2012 For die casting, energy efficiency is a topic with a lot of potential for development, since each kilowatt hour of energy saved is like cash in the hand. However, energy efficiency is not always the same and there is a lot of room for interpretation. Under the auspices of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), a standard has now been set for the measurement and calculation of energy efficiency for die casting. Читать дальше

Pengenalan Lini Produk Ultra - Dirancang untuk Mill di Masa Mendatang – Satu Tahap untuk Persiapan Masa Depan

08/28/2012 Selama 150 tahun Bühler telah membaktikan diri terhadap revolusi dalam inovasi teknologi, membantu para pelanggan untuk mencapai hasil yang lebih baik. Di dalam industri pengolahan beras, Bühler telah menciptakan serangkaian proses-proses dan produk-produk pelopor, memberikan solusi yang lengkap, menyediakan peralatan-peralatan di setiap rangkaian produksi pengolahan beras; mulai dari pembersihan, hulling (pecah kulit), whitening, polishing, grading dan packing, termasuk di dalamnya aspiration dan transport. Читать дальше

Persiapan Olimpade di London - Bühler Alternative Olympics

08/28/2012 Menjadi tuan rumah di acara Olimpiade tahun 2012, London secara resmi menjadi kota pertama yang menggelar Olimpiade untuk ke tiga kalinya. Meskipun acara tersebut hanya berlangsung kurang dari tiga minggu, namun bagi rakyat London, Olimpiade sudah menjadi bagian penting dalam hidup mereka.

Untuk menyambut semangat kemeriahan yang mewarnai Olimpiade 2012, Bühler berinisiatif untuk mengadakan acara internal - Bühler Alternative Olympics.

Читать дальше

Food Safety the Focus of Innovations in Thermal Processing of Food and Petfood

08/02/2012 Raleigh, NC – With customer collaboration as a key component of the design phase, Bühler Aeroglide has developed a number of innovations focused on sanitation and cleanability, and are incorporating them into the latest generation of their dryers, roasters, and other thermal processing systems for food and feed applications. Читать дальше

Sortex powers green bottle drive

08/01/2012 ECO Plastics and Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE) joint venture opts for SORTEX to help the soft drinks giant achieve its recycling targets. Читать дальше

Getting ready for the London Olympics 2012 - Bühler's Alternative Olympics

07/27/2012 By hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, London has now become the first city to officially host the Modern Olympic Games for the third time. Although the games themselves will only last for a little over two weeks, for the people of London, the Olympics have become a major part of their lives.

To embrace the excitement generated by the 2012 Olympics, Bühler decided to stage its own – Bühler Alternative Olympics.

Читать дальше

Bühler acquires Italian Brescia Presse S.r.l. – Die Casting business unit adds to its range of services

Uzwil, 07/05/2012 – The Bühler Technology Group has announced the acquisition of the Revisions and Retrofits business of the Italian company Brescia Presse S.r.l. This opens up additional business opportunities to the company in the form of reconditioning and retrofitting die casting machines and systems. Читать дальше

Flour Quality: Flour Aging - The effects on flour quality and baking performance.

Uzwil, 07/05/2012 Today, more and more wheat is processed directly after the grain has been harvested. This creates some challenges to the milling and baking industry in terms of ensuring consistent raw material quality, because flours from newly harvested wheat have a lower baking quality.

Dr. Manfred Dirndorfer explains the effects of this development on the quality of flours and shows how flours with quality issues can be upgraded by using maturing agents. Читать дальше

Market: Choose the right enzyme solutions and increase your return on investment.

07/05/2012 Climate change is already having a dramatic impact on the quality and yield of cultivated grains. In addition, the standards for the processing of wheat and other grains are rising steadily. The use of enzymes and other ingredients in flour applications offers millers great opportunities to increase the return on their investment. Tailor-made enzyme applications allow high quality baked goods to be produced from lower quality wheat. Читать дальше

Erfolgreicher Jahrgang

02.07.2012 Uzwil - 80 Bühler Lernende sind am 2. Juli 2012 in einen neuen Lebensabschnitt aufgebrochen. Sie alle haben die Lehrabschlussprüfung erfolgreich bestanden und durften im Beisein ihrer Eltern im Gemeindesaal Uzwil von den Ausbildnern ihr Fähigkeitszeugnis entgegennehmen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Читать дальше

Bühler Supplier Innovation Challenge – The Winners of 2012

07/02/2012 Uzwil – The winners of the first Bühler Supplier Innovation Challenge have been chosen. Due to the large number of innovative and promising ideas, the Steering Committee – directed by the Bühler Corporate Supply Management and Corporate Technology – has decided to continue with five instead of the three originally envisioned partnerships. Bühler looks forward to building an innovation partnership with the following companies: Bossard, Marti Engineering, Oswald, Schneider Electric, and Siemens. Читать дальше

Bühler Lernende am Swissmem Industrietag 2012

28.06.2012 Uzwil - 10 exklusive Gesprächsminuten erhielten die Bühler Lernenden am diesjährigen Swissmem-Industrietag mit Bundesrat Didier Burkhalter. 10 Minuten, in denen die Lernenden Fragen stellen und den Bundesrat persönlich kennenlernen durften. Aber auch sonst war der Swissmem-Industrietag ein echtes Highlight für die Lernenden. Читать дальше

The Wizards of Bühler Uzwil

06/26/2012 Uzwil – An exceptional scene could be observed in the Bühler factory premises in Uzwil in the early morning of June 25 and 26, 2012, when some 20 fourth-grade students of the primary school of Andwil, Switzerland waited in wizard and police garb for the Bühler employees to arrive. The children accompanied the employees along freshly marked pathways and informed them about the new safety rules in the premises. Читать дальше

Bühler Supplier Innovation Challenge – Initial Results

06/25/2012 Uzwil – The key to Bühler’s success has always been innovation. This has given Bühler a competitive advantage over the last 150 years. To continue this innovation success Bühler’s Corporate Supplier Management and Corporate Technology departments have launched an innovation competition for suppliers. The Top 65 Bühler suppliers have been given the opportunity to become Bühler innovation partners. Between June 8 and 12, 2012, the top ten most promising ideas were presented to the steering committee of the Bühler Supplier Innovation Partnership Challenge. Читать дальше

Bühler’s flexibility helps Turkish Fruit and Vegetable company

06/15/2012 Bühler’s flexibility and customer care helped a Turkish fruit and vegetable processor meet its sorting requirements. A Bursa based company, Martas Marmara Agricultural Food had initially ordered two SORTEX K optical sorters, but following a last minute review, the company decided that a more compact sorter was required. Martas Marmara changed one of the two SORTEX K orders to a smaller sorter to help the company meet its processing requirements. Читать дальше

Bühler Joinville opens its doors for 100 customers

15.06.2012 Joinville – On July 15, 2012 Bühler Joinville and Bühler Sanmak welcomed around 100 customers for a guided tour of the new plant. They were able to see the Bühler production processes and the state-of-the art machines acquired for the unit. Читать дальше

Bakery Event… oder wie Bühler Lernende erfolgreiches Projektmanagement betreiben

Uzwil, 12.06.2012 Am 1. Juni 2012 haben die Bühler 1. Jahr-KV-Lernenden zum Mittagessen im Bühler eigenen Bakery Innovation Center in Uzwil eingeladen. Zu Verkosten gab es selbstgebackene Pizza und bunte Berliner. Die eingeladenen Praxisausbildner konnten sich dabei nicht nur von der Backfertigkeit ihrer Lernenden überzeugen, sondern auch davon, dass die Lernenden das Projektmanagement mit Hilfe der IPERKA-Methode aus dem FF beherrschen. Читать дальше

BIC Trainings & Education: The New One Week Baking Course.


Food Security: Processing cassava for sustainable development in emerging countries.


Acquisition of Leybold Optics Approved

05/11/2012 Uzwil – The acquisition of Leybold Optics by Bühler announced in early April has been approved without any restrictions by the competent anti-trust authorities. Both companies are highly satisfied by this outcome and look forward to achieving the envisioned growth targets together. Читать дальше

Bühler Food Safety Initiative promotes dialogue and innovations

05/03/2012 Uzwil/Plymouth – Another Bühler Food Safety Dialogue was well received by more than 30 U.S. food engineering and food safety professionals. Following a high calibre technology briefing and a panel discussion, the participants were invited to the grand opening of the new food grade Bühler Food Innovation Center. Читать дальше

Bühler wins METEF International Innovation Award

04/25/2012 Verona – The Bühler Technology Group has once again displayed its innovative strength in the high-tech sector and has won first prize in the “Technology & Process” category at METEF. The Die Casting business unit won the sought-after METEF International Innovation Award for its “Lost Core” technology and received the award during a celebratory ceremony on the first day of the trade fair. Читать дальше

ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 18 - 22 June 2012

Frankfurt am Main / Germany, 04/17/2012 ACHEMA is the world forum of the process industry as well as the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. Once again, Bühler will be there, with its presence creating a highly stimulating exhibition experience. Furthermore, it gives us great pleasure to be able to introduce our new partner PRIMIX Corporation. Читать дальше

Bühler and PRIMIX Corporation sign cooperation agreement

Uzwil/Osaka – , 04/10/2012

Bühler shall under an exclusive cooperation agreement with PRIMIX Corporation offer electrode slurry production plants for lithium ion batteries in Europe and North America. The key technological element utilized, the FILMIX™, was inspired from the Japanese tea ceremony bamboo brush.

Читать дальше

Bühler opens new factory in Brazil

04/05/2012 Joinville – On April 5, Bühler opened a new factory in Joinville, Brazil. The employees of Bühler Joinville and their families celebrated the event in the presence of CEO Calvin Grieder. Читать дальше

Bühler Signs Contract for 100% Acquisition of Leybold Optics

Uzwil – , 04/04/2012 The Bühler Technology Group has reached an agreement with the seller EQT III on the 100% acquisition of Leybold Optics. The transaction must still be approved by the competent antitrust authorities. For Bühler, the acquisition marks yet another important step in the expansion of the activities of its Advanced Materials division. Читать дальше

Successful Fiscal 2011 in a Tough Environment

Uzwil – , 03/22/2012

With sales (turnover) of CHF 2131 million, the global Bühler Technology Group once again achieved solid growth of about 12% (adjusted for exchange rates and organic plus 15%). Order intake rose by more than 3% to CHF 2233 million, in local currencies and adjusted for acquisitions by 8%. EBIT was increased at a high level by over 7% to CHF 218 million (10.2 percentage points of sales), and net profits by 3% to CHF 163 million. For current fiscal 2012, the Executive Board expects a moderate increase in volumes due to the uncertain economic situation.

Читать дальше

METEF in Verona, April 18 - 21, 2012

Verona, 03/14/2012

Bühler will be presenting exciting technology solutions in the field of die casting at the trade show in Verona. Structural, Carat, Energy Efficiency and Customer Service will be the main themes of our exhibit. If you have questions about reconditioning, please stop by for expert advice from our booth partner, Brescia Presse S.r.l.

Читать дальше

Excellent energy savings with new pasta dryer


Uzwil – Compared to conventional dryers, the Ecothermatik™ uses 40% less heat, 20% less cooling and 10% less electricity. This delivers serious cost savings along with the highest quality long-cut pasta. Its streamlined design also allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Читать дальше

Bühler открывает новую тенденцию в технологии сортировки ПЭТ


Применение оптической сортировки после термальной обработки хлопьев переработанного ПЭТ. Компания ICI начала использовать инновационные оптические технологии SORTEX производства Bühler для сортировки полимерных материалов более 50 лет назад. За эти годы технологии значительно продвинулись, а общество стало более осведомленным в вопросах экологии. Использование переработанных материалов приобрело особую важность, и оптическая сортировка промытых хлопьев ПЭТ теперь является ключевым этапом цикла переработки пластиковых бутылок.

Читать дальше

Bühler sets global optical sorting standards

02/16/2012 For over 150 years the Bühler Group has developed ground breaking innovations in food process engineering. From its purpose built London base it designs and manufactures the most advanced optical sorting solutions that are available to the global food industry. Читать дальше

Scaling new customer care heights.

02/15/2012 Thankfully, some things never change – and that includes Bühler Sortex’s commitment to exceptional customer service. That commitment can be traced back to 1947, when the fledgling business provided support to those who bought its first optical sorter. Читать дальше

Bühler für „Creativity Award 2011/2012“ der IDEE-SUISSE nominiert


Bühler ist für den „Creativity Award 2011/2012“ von IDEE SUISSE nominiert. Gewürdigt wird damit das schweizweit einzigartige Ausbildungskonzept von Bühler.

Читать дальше

Empowering Success – with Bühler

01/18/2012 Uzwil – Bühler will present its latest developments in the industry at EUROGUSS 2012, the International Trade Fair for Die Casting Technology, Processes, and Products. At the forefront are the subjects of energy efficiency in foundries, the capacity of the Carat Two-Platen technology, as well as Structural, the approach for cost-effective manufacturing of structural components. Using the motto "Empowering Success", Bühler will demonstrate how systematic implementation of solutions increases the power of success. Читать дальше

Bühler is well on track

01/17/2012 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group performed well once again in 2011, with an order intake of CHF 2230 million. This translates into organic growth of 9% in local currencies. Sales (turnover) in local currencies rose by an even stronger 17% to CHF 2130 million. Читать дальше

Energy Efficiency: More Effective than Increasing Sales?

01/13/2012 A company with 15 die casting cells and an annual production of 4,000 tons of castings would like to have a quarter of a million Euros more in its coffers at the end of the year. In this case, there are two options: either increase sales by approx. 9 million Euros (assuming a margin of 3 %) or reduce the total energy consumption by approx. 20 %. Читать дальше

... and in Columbus, Ohio (USA): at the Die Casting Congress

01/13/2012 From September 19 – 21, 2011, BuhlerPrince showed itself from its best side at a conference in Columbus, Ohio: 650 visitors were able to learn about innovative solutions for the die casting industry. Читать дальше

Bühler Druckguss AG has been integrated into Bühler AG

01/13/2012 Effective January 1st, 2012, the globally active technology company Bühler integrated its die casting company, Bühler Druckguss AG, in Bühler AG. At the same time, the German subsidiary, Bühler Druckgiessysteme GmbH, was integrated in Bühler GmbH. Читать дальше

You can rely on BuhlMark

01/13/2012 Seamless traceability of castings has been gaining in importance. BuhlMark is Bühler’s answer to this demand. Читать дальше

Hansjörg Fritsche is back

01/13/2012 Roots do not have to be made of wood. In this case, “back to the roots” means that Hansjörg Fritsche has found his way back to die casting after 16 years in the wood-based products sector and has been managing the Customer Service department since January 1st. Читать дальше

Training and Testing with New Machines

01/13/2012 The machine park located in the Bühler Die Casting Technology and Training Center has been completely renovated. The following machines are now available: a Carat 105 compact, an Evolution 34 compact, as well as an Ecoline 53. Читать дальше

Metef, Verona

01/13/2012 Following eight successful events at the Garda Exhibition Center, METEF is taking a giant step forward by moving to the VERONAFIERE Exhibition Center. The leaders in the area of aluminum technology will gather in Verona from April 18 – 21, 2012. Читать дальше

Clarity or Gut Feeling? ProCalc!

01/13/2012 Are you familiar with the cost structure of your castings? Anyone who is familiar with the details of the cost structure will ensure that a margin has been built in, even in the most challenging of situations. Читать дальше

World Solar Challenge 2011: In the forefront, even Down Under ...

01/13/2012 Energy efficiency is of great concern to Bühler employees and Die Casting employees even in their private lives. A team of employees prepared themselves during their free time to participate in the World Solar Challenge 2011, driving through the Australian Outback and did a fantastic job. Читать дальше

Bühler China: A New Factory with Strategic Importance

01/13/2012 The successful Ecoline series: One year after being introduced on the market, the demand has already exceeded our manufacturing capacities by far. Читать дальше

Overhauls: How to Simply Extend the Life of Your Machines

01/13/2012 Even low-maintenance Bühler equipment is prone to wear after years of intense utilization. The useful life of a machine can be decisively extended with professional overhauling at just the right point in time. Читать дальше

“We will help you cast the die ...”

01/13/2012 Did you know that we not only design the construction of die casting machines, but also offer casting and die concepts? Читать дальше

Euroguss, Nuremberg

01/13/2012 From January 17 – 19, 2012, we hope to revive the great atmosphere of the GIFA 2011 at the EUROGUSS in Nuremberg. At our booth, under the motto of “Empowering Success”, we will show how innovative products will make you successful. Читать дальше

Schmidt-Seeger GmbH is now Bühler GmbH

01/12/2012 Uzwil – In September 2010, Schmidt-Seeger GmbH was acquired by the Bühler Technology Group. Now that the integration has been completed, the company will in the future appear solely under the name Bühler GmbH. The acquisition of this German grain management specialist has enabled Bühler to significantly increase its conveying, cleaning, drying, dedusting, and storage competencies, especially in the area of grain collection. These capabilities are now united in the Grain Logistics business unit. Читать дальше

Ruth Metzler New Member of the Board of Bühler

12/16/2011 Uzwil – Ruth Metzler joins the Board of the worldwide Bühler Technology Group. Читать дальше

Integration of previously independent legal entity Bühler Druckguss into Bühler

11/29/2011 Uzwil – As of January 1, 2012, the globally active Bühler Technology Group will integrate its die casting company Bühler Druckguss AG into Bühler AG. On the same day, the German subsidiary Bühler Druckgiessysteme GmbH will be integrated into Bühler GmbH. Procedures and processes will be simplified as a result with a view to optimising value for the customer. The German location will also be extended and strengthened. Читать дальше

Workshop-Lager in Sedrun, 2. bis 7. Oktober 2011

07.11.2011 Anfang Oktober verbrachten 73 Bühler 2. Jahr-Lernende der Werke Uzwil, Appenzell und Trübbach eine Woche in Sedrun. Ziel des Workshop-Lagers war das berufsübergreifende Kennenlernen der Lernenden untereinander und die Vermittlung von Fach-, Methoden- und Sozialkompetenz. Читать дальше

Newly launched SORTEX E1C takes nut sorting to new peaks

10/31/2011 Faced with ever stricter food requirements which mean that almost no foreign material (FM) or colour defects are allowed in sorted products, nut processors around the world have had their margins squeezed to the limit. They must be able to rely on the optical sorters they use. Thankfully - the SORTEX E1C has arrive. Читать дальше

15th place for Bühler employees at the World Solar Challenge 2011

10/27/2011 Uzwil – SER 1 has mastered its trip across Australia with flying colors: 15th place of 37 in the total ranking and “Best Newcomer Award”. The success of the race was amply celebrated in Adelaide on Sunday evening together with the winning Tokai team from Japan. Bühler congratulates the Solar Energy Racers cordially on this great accomplishment. Читать дальше

Bühler acquires manufacturing capacity from Rieter in the Czech Republic

10/26/2011 Uzwil – Uzwil-based technology group Bühler is to acquire two manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic from Rieter, the textile machinery group based in Winterthur. These operate as suppliers to Rieter and other companies in various industrial sectors. This move gives both companies additional flexibility in manufacturing and in balancing capacity, and creates optimal preconditions for the long-term further development of these plants. Читать дальше

Newly Graduated Bühler Machine Design Apprentice Pascal Brunner Wins Bronze at the WorldSkills 2011

10/17/2011 During four intense competition days at the WorldSkills professional world championship, newly graduated Bühler machine design apprentice Pascal Brunner demonstrated his skills at an international level. For his outstanding performance, he was awarded the bronze medal in the O2 Arena in London for ranking third, in the presence of 15,000 spectators. Bühler is proud of Pascal and congratulates him warmly on his great accomplishment! Читать дальше

Vacuum Technology: Simplest Handling with Bühler Smart Interface

10/14/2011 The Vacu2 multi-stage vacuum system, made by Pfeiffer, is distinctly different than traditional vacuum products. Two separate vacuum circuits are used and a clever measuring technique monitors the entire evacuation process providing the process engineer a clear view of the vacuum achieved during production. Читать дальше

Monitoring Production for the Entire Operation

10/14/2011 In the future, die casting systems will be totally embedded in an MES environment (Manufacturing Execution System). We have entered into a cooperation agreement with T.I.G. and are now able to provide the proper solutions for the market. Читать дальше

Win-Win with Thixo Molding

10/14/2011 Injection molding of magnesium components is not a new process; however, it has not been able to establish itself in the automobile industry. Its multiple advantages might soon change that, given the debate around CO2 and energy. Читать дальше

Andreas Koller

10/14/2011 Andy Koller was named to be Manager of Customer Service Department on July 1, 2011. He took over the position from Torsten Antoni who is the new CS Project Manager. Читать дальше

Casting Simulations Help Start Production Faster

10/14/2011 The new Bühler simulation computers are able to simulate the entire casting process for parts of all sizes in a very short time. Читать дальше

Energy Savings: New Impetus

10/14/2011 Intelligent measuring and operating concepts make it possible for us to only consume energy when the equipment is actually operating. This also includes maintenance of the casting cell. Читать дальше

Bühler Employees and the Solar Mobile in the Australian Outback

10/14/2011 Starting on October 16th, there will be no turning back. That is when the World Solar Challenge starts in Australia in which vehicles race “down under” using sunlight as their only source of energy. The World Solar Challenge starts in the north in Darwin and runs 3000 kilometers straight across the outback to Adelaide, which is in the southern part of the country. Читать дальше

GIFA 2011: Bühler Sets New Standards

10/14/2011 Bühler set a new course at the International Foundry Trade Fair (GIFA) in Düsseldorf that concluded with a record number of visitors. Using the slogan of “Empowering Success”, Bühler presented itself as the fore-runner in the industry with the Carat and Structural series. Bühler showed that sustainable use of energy and resources has increased in importance for die casting, which was rather fitting, given the slogan of the trade fair: energy efficiency. Читать дальше

Empowering Success at EUROGUSS 2012

10/14/2011 The energy gained from the success at the GIFA 2011 will be brought into EUROGUSS 2012 and carried forward. Under the motto of “empowering success”, Bühler Die Casting plans to show how our innovative products reinforce the power of success as we participate in the EUROGUSS 2012 which opens its doors in Nuremberg on January 17th. Читать дальше

Bühler employees start at the World Solar Challenge 2011 with their own Solarmobil

10/04/2011 The countdown for the Bühler employees taking part in this year’s World Solar Challenge is running. For over one year, the team built and tested its own solar-powered vehicle – the Solarmobil – after work. Now, from October 16 – 23, it is part of the action in this most grueling solar vehicle race in the world. Bühler is proud of the team and is keeping its fingers crossed. Читать дальше

A huge success: The 100th Carat has been sold

10/03/2011 The Bühler Carat has turned out to be a real diamond. Already in July the hundredth die casting machine of that model was sold. One Carat 440 Compact was sold to the German car manufacturer, Volkswagen. Читать дальше

Bühler an der OBA - Impressionen

07.09.2011 Mit 21‘800 Besuchern hat die 18. Ostschweizer Bildungsausstellung (OBA) am 6. September erfolgreich ihre Tore geschlossen. Auch für Bühler war die Messe ein voller Erfolg. Das erste Mal trat Bühler mit einem eigenen Stand an der Messe auf – in neuem Kleid und mit neuem Slogan „Weck den Profi in dir“. Über 600 Besucher haben sich auf dem Bühler Stand über eine Berufslehre bei Bühler informiert. Der Austausch mit den Bühler Lernenden wurde von den Jugendlichen sehr geschätzt. Читать дальше

Bühler beschliesst befristete Arbeitszeitverlängerung

26.08.2011 Uzwil – Aufgrund der extremen Wechselkursverzerrungen hat die Konzernleitung von Bühler gemeinsam mit der Mitarbeiterkommission entschieden, die Arbeitszeit in der Schweiz ab 1. September 2011 temporär auf 42,5 Stunden pro Woche zu erhöhen. Читать дальше

IAOM: Bühler presents three innovations

07/26/2011 With its Vega High Capacity Classifier, its new flake huller, and the Sortex A5 Optical Color Sorter, Bühler presented three innovations, which met with keen interest. Читать дальше

Bühler at Victam & Grapas 2011 - Review

07/21/2011 At this year's Victam & Grapas, Bühler presented the specialist public the new Sortex A for the first time in Europe. Читать дальше

Successful GIFA 2011 for Bühler Druckguss

07/20/2011 The innovation cycles of the foundry industry are defined by the GIFA which takes place every four years in Düsseldorf. The theme of the 2011 fair was energy efficiency. It provided the trade show with record numbers of exhibitors and visitors and helped increase the number of orders for Bühler Druckguss. Читать дальше

New factory in Wuxi

07/15/2011 Bühler is building a new factory in Wuxi in China, which will manufacture die casting machines of the Ecoline series. Читать дальше

Harnessing 150 Years of food safety expertise

07/07/2011 Recent contamination scares have heightened awareness of the necessity for food safety. Changes in legislation and the business environment bring challenges, but also business opportunities for Bühler as a market leader to offer new services and products for customers. By Christopher Findlay. Читать дальше

Unveiling of new freezer room

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex Inc. of Stockton, California unveiled its new demonstration and training lab for the fruit and vegetable sector in March of this year. Читать дальше

Spotlight on Bühler China

07/06/2011 China is the biggest producer and exporter of frozen fruits and vegetables in the world. With increasing labour costs and tougher competition, leading fruit and vegetable processors in China are looking into the possibilities of machine sorting as an alternative to manual sorting. Читать дальше

Sorter upgrade

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex streamlines its range of vegetable sorters with a redefined upgrade policy. Here are two examples of keeping Bühler Sortex optical sorters up to date, without having to order new ones. Читать дальше

Bühler Sortex receive another order for three SORTEX E1A-BRXX FM removal machines for Gelagri-Iberica

07/06/2011 Following trials with a range of sorters from different manufacturers, Gelagri Iberica of Milagro, Spain, have decided to purchase three SORTEX EIA-BRXX machines for their packing lines. These will be working in an area with temperatures as low as -5C. Читать дальше

Bühler Sortex overview of the Belgian processed vegetable market

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex, the leading supplier of optical sorting solutions to the food industry, has long recognised the importance of Belgium as the largest European exporter of frozen vegetables. Belgium is in the unique position of having more than 12 of its leading processors located within a 15 mile radius of Staden in West Flanders. Читать дальше

Automated sorting of edamame to China

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex and Fulong Frozen Foods have joined together to bring automated sorting of edamame to China. Читать дальше

Arbre Farms - Detecting nightshade

07/06/2011 Arbre Farms continues partnership with Bühler Sortex for ensured food quality and safety. Читать дальше

Bühler Sortex wins 2011 Queen's Award for Enterprise

07/01/2011 Bühler Sortex’s performance in competitive international markets has been recognised by winning a Queen's Award for Enterprise for the sixth time. The award, in the International Trade category, follows those gained in 1968, 1972, 1987 and 2005. In 2001 Buhler Sortex won the award for innovation. Читать дальше

Shape Sorting Adds a New Dimension to Performance

07/01/2011 Shape sorting is one of Bühler Sortex's core technologies. It refers to the detection of defects either by shape alone or by some combination of shape and colour. The technology is available on the company's full range of bi-chromatic optical sorters. Читать дальше

Mark VanBuskirk Joins Buhler Aeroglide as VP of Sales

Raleigh, NC USA, 07/01/2011 Mark VanBuskirk Joins Bühler Aeroglide as VP Sales Читать дальше

Energy-Efficient Solutions from Bühler Druckguss.

06/28/2011 Uzwil – Bühler Druckguss will present the subject of energy efficiency with a live demonstration of the flexible and versatile Carat die casting machine at the 12th International Foundry Trade Show (GIFA). It supports sustainable production techniques, such as the manufacture of structural components or the application of Lost Core technology, a new process for aluminum die cast parts. Читать дальше

Bühler's SORTEX E1D gains Congelados El Pedaneo seal of approval

06/22/2011 Small Spanish processor breaks with hand sorting tradition to choose a revolutionary SORTEX model as first optical sorter. Читать дальше

Asia’s First Die Casting Training Center

21.06.2011 In conjunction with the Indian Die Casters Association – Alucast, Bühler has opened a new training center in Bangalore. Читать дальше

VW is betting on Bühler

21.06.2011 Can car doors be cast? Absolutely. At the Volkswagen factory in Kassel, 15,000 employees create components for the group. In order to explore options for die casting, doors for Phaeton, the VW flagship, were manufactured in cast aluminum as part of a test project. Читать дальше

Bühler a Main Sponsor at the German Die Casting Day

21.06.2011 On February 23, 2011, the die casting world met at the exhibition center in Nurnberg for the 11th International German Die Casting Day. Taking center stage were the presentations by experts on current and future-oriented subjects. Читать дальше

Ruedi Pagitz, our new Sales Manager

21.06.2011 Ruedi Pagitz has been our new Sales Manager since May 1, 2011. Since his previous position as Service Manager is still vacant, he will continue to carry out those duties on an interim basis. Hannes Schmüser, the previous Sales Manager, left the company of his own accord; we wish him every success in his new position.

Having managed the Service department for many years, Ruedi knows the products, the customers and their expectations.

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Datanet: New Hardware for the Control System

21.06.2011 Thanks to the new process computer model K2-200, Bühler’s Datanet control system has increased processing power and storage space. The technically and optically upgraded control panel and the easy, touch-free log-in via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) make it easier to operate. Читать дальше

Lost Core: New Perspectives in Die Casting

21.06.2011 Did you know that nearly half of all cast aluminum parts are not produced in the die casting process? The Lost Core technology has created new opportunities and makes it possible to produce parts that were inconceivable for the die casting process until now. Читать дальше

Energy-Efficiency: Moving Forward

21.06.2011 Progress is being made with the worldwide standardization of efficiency classes for electric motors. The USA and Canada are leading the efforts, with the EU following suit with resolution EC 640 coming into effect in June 2011.  Читать дальше

Bühler at the GIFA

21.06.2011 It’s time again: On June 28, 2011 the GIFA will open its doors for the twelfth time in Düsseldorf, Germany and show what‘s new in foundry technology. Until July 2nd, you will have the opportunity to experience the latest Bühler highlights at our booth, no. 11A36 in hall 11 under the slogan «Empowering Success». One of the highlights is “Structural”, the new approach for cost-effective manufacturing of structural components in aluminum die casting. The Carat die casting machine will also be presented in action. This high-performance modular two-platen die casting machine is our answer to our customers’ demands for high-quality die cast parts and flexibility in production. Читать дальше

New Kubex™ T Pellet Mill receives the 2011 Victam Innovation Award

05/20/2011 Uzwil - Every year, the renowned magazines Feed Tech and Feed Mix, in close cooperation with Victam International, present the Victam Innovation Awards for the most striking innovations that come to the annual Victam International trade show. Читать дальше

The founder of the Plant-for-the-Planet Children Initiative and Buhler jointly present their vision for shaping a sustainable future

05/17/2011 Düsseldorf / Pähl / Uzwil (CH) – The Buhler Technology Group with its corporate guiding principle of “Innovations for a better world” develops innovative and sustainable solutions for ensuring safe processing of foods. The Plant-for-the-Planet Children Initiative is committed to combating the climate crisis and thus to shaping a sustainable future for our planet’s children. Its vision is to plant one million trees in every country in the world in order to design a future that respects the environment. At a customer event held during the Interpack trade show, Buhler and Plant-for-the-Planet jointly presented their complementary ideas on how to shape the future in a sustainable manner. Читать дальше

Buhler acquires pelleting die manufacturer Tijdhof

05/03/2011 Uzwil – The Buhler Technology Group acquired the company Tijdhof Persmatrijzen with headquarters in Oldenzaal, Netherlands, effective end of April 2011. This manufacturer of dies and rollers for feed pellet mills will be integrated in the Feed & Biomass business unit. The acquisition allows Buhler to strengthen its Customer Service and to enlargen its customer base. Читать дальше

Buhler grinds it all – from highly viscous masses to nanodispersions.

Uzwil, 03/29/2011 At the European Coatings Show 2011, Buhler AG is presenting a wide-ranging portfolio of machines and services for the dispersion and wet grinding industry under the slogan “Buhler grinds it all”. The international oriented Swiss company’s solutions underscore the fact that nearly every conceivable application of wet grinding technology can be processed using a Buhler machine. Читать дальше

Fiscal 2010: Profitable Growth

03/24/2011 Uzwil – The global Buhler Technology Group has once again grown markedly in its anniversary year 2010. Order intake increased 21% to CHF 2160 million, sales revenue (turnover) 11% to CHF 1907 million, and operating profits (EBIT) at a higher-than-proportional rate to 10.6% of total sales. The Group owes this success especially to the identification of market trends such as improved food safety and higher energy efficiency. For the current fiscal year 2011, Buhler expects to further increase its turnover. Читать дальше

Successful Anniversary Year 2010

02/08/2011 Uzwil – The Buhler Technology Group can look back on an encouraging business year 2010. For the first time in the Group’s 150-year history, order intake exceeded the mark of two billion Swiss francs. Also sales and operating result (EBIT) continued to grow. Читать дальше

Bühler investiert in neue Produktion in Uzwil

24.01.2011 Der Technologiekonzern Bühler investiert über die nächsten fünf Jahre rund CHF 70 Mio. in die Fabrikation in Uzwil. Damit werden optimale Voraussetzungen geschaffen für den weiteren Ausbau der Fliessfertigung in der Produktion. Читать дальше

Buhler acquires the US company Draiswerke, Inc.

01/12/2011 Uzwil – The Buhler Technology Group acquired the US company Draiswerke, Inc. just before the end of the year 2010 and is thus strengthening its position in the North American market. In the long term, this move especially stands to offer promising prospects as a supplier to the trendsetting Cleantech industry. Читать дальше

Buhler acquires Schmidt-Seeger

09/22/2010 Uzwil – The acquisition of Schmidt-Seeger by Buhler announced on August 20, 2010 has been approved by the German Federal Cartel Office without any restrictions. Both companies are highly satisfied and look forward to achieving the envisioned global growth targets together. Читать дальше

Buhler Strengthens Position in the Coffee Segment

25.08.2010 Uzwil – The Buhler Technology Group has acquired a stake in the Italian company Petroncini Impianti S.p.A. With this technology-driven partnership, Buhler is strengthening its position in the medium and top coffee market segments and thus offering the coffee processing industry new, targeted solutions for producing roasted and ground coffee. Читать дальше

Buhler about to acquire Schmidt-Seeger

20.08.2010 Uzwil – The Buhler Technology Group plans to acquire the German company Schmidt-Seeger. With this strategic acquisition, Buhler will supplement its portfolio in the area of Grain Processing. The contract has been signed. The acquisition still requires approval of the German Federal Cartel Office. Читать дальше

Buhler Barth and Log5: Winners of 2010 IFT innovation award

19.08.2010 Uzwil - Bühler Barth AG, Freiberg, Germany, and Phoenix MD based Log5 Corporation received the prestigious 2010 IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) Food Expo Innovation Award for their Controlled Condensation Pasteurization (CCP) technology on Sunday, July 18, 2010 at the McCormick convention center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Читать дальше

Buhler wins large-scale order from Saudi Arabia

16.08.2010 Uzwil - The Buhler Technology Group has been awarded a large-scale contract worth a total of CHF 110 million in Saudi Arabia. Читать дальше

Buhler commits to food safety

20.07.2010 Uzwil - The Buhler Technology Group is supporting the “Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership” (GIFSL) within the scope of multi-year support to the University of Minnesota. Читать дальше

Change in the Board of Directors of Buhler

14.07.2010 Uzwil - A change has taken place in the Board of Directors of Bühler AG. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Doerig, Chairman of the Board of the Credit Suisse Group AG, is leaving the Board because he has reached the age limit. His successor is Dr. Konrad Hummler, Managing Partner of Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers. Читать дальше

Buhler strengthens its position in China

10.06.2010 Uzwil, June 10, 2010 – The Buhler Technology Group has acquired 100% of the Chinese company Bangsheng Bio-Technology Co. Ltd. Bangsheng, the Chinese market leader in the field of flour improvement solutions for specialty flours, is opening up additional opportunities for Buhler in a market segment that is extremely promising for the future. Читать дальше

Pelleting solutions at World Bioenergy 2010

20.05.2010 Buhler is presenting its industrial solutions in pellet productions and thermal processes at the exhibition World Bioenergy 2010 which for the second time will be held in Sweden in the city of Jönköping from May 25 – 27, 2010. The three-day event will be an ideal platform where global producers, suppliers and engineers meet more than 4000 visitors. Читать дальше

Buhler Group signs inorganic nanoparticles agreement with Sigma-Aldrich

11.05.2010 The Buhler Group is making selected dispersions of inorganic nanoparticles accessible worldwide to materials science researchers through an exclusive distribution agreement with Sigma-Aldrich. Читать дальше

MultiTherm - Superior cocoa butter quality

28.04.2010 Buhler launches a revolutionary new cocoa butter measuring system and tempermeter in one – The MultiTherm TC™
Читать дальше

„The Art of Coffee” Days – Experience coffee production

19.04.2010 Petroncini and Buhler partner closely in coffee processing and together offer customers tailor-made solutions along the entire coffee production value chain. Reap the rewards of this collaboration first-hand by joining an exclusive customer event in Italy and England for Caffè Culture in June 2010. Читать дальше

Buhler Group at Oils & Fats International Turkey

15.04.2010 Buhler is presenting its solutions for oil seeds preparation and processing at OFI Turkey in Istanbul from April 20 - 21. Читать дальше

Bühler showcasing with die casting at Metef

13.04.2010 METEF-FOUNDEQ 2010 will be held in the Centro Fiere del Garda exhibition centre in Montichiari. Bühler will also be participating this year. The focus for the die casting machine manufacturer at this exhibition will be the Carat 2-platen machine series. Читать дальше

Buhler presents its integral feed milling solutions at VIV Europe 2010 exhibition, Netherlands

12.04.2010 At the VIV Europe exhibition, April 20th - 22nd 2010 in Utrecht/Netherlands, Buhler is presenting its integral feed milling solutions for the safe and cost-effective production of high-quality feed. Читать дальше

Fiscal Year 2009: Leadership Maintained

30.03.2010 Uzwil – The Buhler Technology Group successfully maintained its position in fiscal 2009 in an extremely challenging environment and in the face of individual markets which developed along widely varying lines, also gaining further market share. With sales (turnover) of CHF 1721 million, the Group increased its profit by 3% to CHF 104 million despite restructuring costs and goodwill write-offs, and adjusted for exchange rates by even 5%. The corresponding margin increased to 6%. The return on operational assets (RONOA) rose to 34%. Process improvements, a firm local presence in growing markets, and a positive financial result contributed to this outstanding result. Buhler faces the current fiscal year with confidence. The order backlog as of the end of 2009 amounted to CHF 962 million, which is 7% above the level of the previous year. Читать дальше

Компании Bühler 150 лет: празднование юбилея для наших клиентов

13.02.2010 Начало празднования юбилея началось для наших клиентов со всего мира и гостей в г. Уцвиль 12 февраля, в начале юбилейного 2010 года. Дальнейшие мероприятия посвящены как клиентам, так и сотрудникам компании. Компания Bühler хочет отметить свою 150-летнюю историю успешного развития не взглядом в прошлое, а, прежде всего, определением своего места в будущем. Читать дальше

Newest technologies for tried and true equipment

09.02.2010 The Customer Service department of the Buhler Grain Processing division offers innovative upgrading packages enabling customers to optimize the safety, productivity, availability, and sanitation of their existing range of equipment. Читать дальше

No. 1 in Turkey’s pasta market

05.02.2010 For more than 60 years, the Turkish pasta producer Nuh’un Ankara has put its trust in systems made by Buhler. With two new production lines, Nuh’un Ankara has now consolidated its leading market position in Turkey.