Линия отливки со съемными формами ChocoStar™

Линия отливки со съемными формами ChocoStar™ – Многофункциональная формовочная установка

– Гибкая конструкция
– Высокое качество продуктов
– Экономия энергии
– Повышенная эксплуатационная надежность и гигиеничность

Установка со съемными формами ChocoStar™

The Bühler Bindler ChocoStar™ allows top-quality production of solid and filled chocolate articles in the form of chocolate tablets and bars, filled pralines as well as book-moulded and one-shot filled articles. In this process, this moulding system offers a high output capacity: Depending on the mould width, the mechanical line capacity is as high as 40 moulds per minute. Mould sizes range from 620 mm to 1200 mm. High versatility thanks to flexible design.
The loose mould line can either be installed in a race-track configuration with horizontal mould transport or in an overhead configuration for axial mould conveyance. Thanks to its flexible design, it can be easily reconfigurated to fit the available production space.

Modern technology for a wide variety of high-quality products.
  • In addition to the traditional wet-shell forming process, shells can also be produced using the CoolCore™ cold stamping process. Thus, the CoolCore™ offers great creative possibilities for the production of extraordinary shell geometries.
  • The application of two or more centres depositors allows the immediate change-over from one filling to the other, e.g. to fill one shell with different centres.
  • One of the characteristics of the ChocoStar™ is its drive concept with individual servo motors. Another is the well developed arrangement of the individual process steps which ensures gentle product handling – resulting in a high article quality.

Energy-saving thanks to efficient cladding.
The ChocoStarTM features particularly effective insulated cladding inside and outside. It ensuring highly efficient energy management, which in addition offers major thermal benefits.

Efficient measures for ensuring operating reliability and hygiene.

  • Transparent safety guards throughout the line for optimal visibility of the individual process stages. If necessary, this allows fast intervention, thus increasing operating reliability.
  • A consistent floor clearance of 20-30 cm throughout the line combined with the application of non corrosive materials make for a high hygiene standard of the ChocoStar™.
  • Thanks to its optimal visibility and easy accessibility, cleaning and maintenance work is straightforward, convenient and minimizes downtimes.


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