Online PSM (Particle Size Measurement) MYTA

Online PSM (Particle Size Measurement) MYTA – Real-time Granulation Measurement.

- Finished products with consistent and reproducible particle size distribution.
- For particles in the range of 10 – 5000 microns
- Real-time monitoring of grinding processes and product granulation
- Detection of oversize grains

Online PSM (Particle Size Measurement) MYTA

Whether you are monitoring the grinding process or checking the end products, online PSM MYTA offers new possibilities with regard to quality control, process monitoring, process optimization and product traceability. The measuring system is suitable for continuous granulation monitoring of intermediate and end products of the grain-processing activity, such as semolina, fine semolina and flour. Compact measuring system for the 10 to 5000 µm size range
Online PSM MYTA continuously determines the grain size distribution in a measuring range of between 10 and 5000 µm. The instrument combines sample taking, measurement technologies (laser diffraction & image processing) and real-time data evaluation in a compact measuring system which is used directly in gravity spouting.

Constant grain size distribution
The new online grain size measuring instrument assists the plant operator in manufacturing products with a constant grain size distribution and thus consistently high quality. The measuring instrument immediately recognizes even the smallest deviations from individually adjustable nominal values and automatically triggers a warning or an alarm if the grain size distribution lies outside the recipe-specific boundary values.

Recognizing oversized grain
The continuous monitoring of the grain size distribution of end products allows even the smallest amount of oversized grain to be detected and enables sieve breakage to be identified quickly while avoiding faulty batches.

Supervised product quality
Through the continuous visualization of the grain size distribution in the operating software and the automatic archiving of the measured data, Online PSM MYTA offers new possibilities with regard to process optimization and complete product quality traceability. The clear illustration of trend graphs and grain size distributions offers a comprehensible insight into the grinding process at all times.


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