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Bühler’s all-new SORTEX S UltraVision™ - a giant leap forward in intelligent optical sorting for rice

London, United Kingdom, 03.02.2014 – Bühler leads the way forward, with the introduction of its most sophisticated, highest-capacity optical rice sorter yet. The all-new SORTEX S UltraVision™ allows rice processors to define an exact level of quality for their rice, even with highly-contaminated input. Yield is not compromised, enabling processors to deliver increased value for money to their customers. Читать дальше

IP5X-rated control cabinet – field upgrade kit now available for rice sorters

12/20/2012 Designed to reduce maintenance time and costs and to help maintain a consistent sorting performance, Bühler’s IP5X- rated upgrade to the control cabinet is now available as a retrofit on the SORTEX Z+ range of sorters. Читать дальше

Bühler supplies a Sortex optical sorter and joins the blessing ceremony

12/19/2012 Samriddhi Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd. from Ranchi in Jharkhand, India is a supplier of premium quality rice products and also amongst India’s fastest growing companies. The company was founded four generations ago to ensure that they could benefit by marketing better quality rice. The founding members foresaw, even that far back, that quality was the only way to sell profitably and successfully. Читать дальше

Bühler - at your service

12/19/2012 With a presence in more than 140 countries and a history spanning over 150 years, Bühler is dedicated to providing expert customer service in recognition of its customers’ goals. The company achieves this through innovative products, professional customer service and local support - delivered by dedicated, qualified staff, through its network of customer service and applications centres. Читать дальше

Introducing the Ultra Product Line. Designed today for tomorrow's mills - A step into the future.

08/01/2012 For over 150 years Bühler has dedicated itself to developing revolutionary technological innovations, helping their customers achieve even better results. In the rice industry alone Bühler has created a series of ground-breaking products and processes, providing complete solutions, with equipment for every rice processing stage; cleaning, hulling, whitening, polishing, grading and packing, including aspiration and conveying.

The commitment to continue that tradition remains at the heart of Bühler Research and Development Rice Division, which is why Bühler is proud to be launching the new Ultra range of machines and taking yet another step into the future.

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