Новости сортировки орехов

Bühler cracks almonds double trouble with ease

27.11.2013 Bühler, a global leader in optical sorting, has strengthened its prominent position as the primary technology partner of choice in nut processing, with the announcement that their highly respected SORTEX technology can effectively remove doubles from almonds (when two kernels are found in one shell). This is achieved using pioneering technology with pinpoint accuracy that delivers to required grade specifications, while also removing multiple defects and foreign. Читать дальше

Vanella Farms partners with Bühler to improve efficiencies

05/14/2013 US-based Vanella Farms is located in the world’s prime almond producing state where they hull, shell and process Californian almond varieties. They work closely with their technology partner, Bühler who recently helped them simplify the clean-up process of in-shell almonds after hulling, by removing as many of the mechanical cleaners as possible and eliminating bottle necks. Читать дальше

The SORTEX E1C sets new standards for pecan sorting at Navarro

02/01/2013 Just south of Dallas, Texas, in the town of Corsicana, stands one of the world’s largest pecan processing facilities, Navarro Pecan Company. Their plant, which typically handles around 20% of US production, processes around 50 million pounds of in-shell pecans each year. To support their mission to “provide pecans of superior quality, safety and value to their customers,” Navarro turned to Bühler for its sorting expertise. Читать дальше

InGaAs technology delights Ukraine’s largest nut processor

03/19/2013 Europe’s leading nut processors continue to invest in Bühler SORTEX optical sorters, which provide exceptional foreign material detection thanks to unique InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) camera technology. Ukraine’s largest nut processor, the Faeton Group LLC, is a prime example. Читать дальше

Bühler’s optical sorting technology underpins success of Moldova’s Maestro-Nut – Eastern Europe’s leading walnut exporter

10/01/2012 Located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south, the Republic of Moldova's wonderfully rich soil and temperate continental climate, which brings warm summers and mild winters, have made it one of south-eastern Europe’s most productive nations when it comes to agriculture. Читать дальше