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Bühler and Melitta - The Right Blend. Bühler technology enables Melitta to produce the very finest coffee

07/24/2013 There are many things that link Bühler with Melitta - seller of coffee, coffee making machines and filters, with headquarters in Minden in north-west Germany. Exceptional, pioneering individuals started both businesses, more than 100 years ago. And, despite very humble beginnings, both developed into highly successful, internationally active ventures, still family-owned, renown for innovation and commitment to quality and excellence. So perhaps it is fitting that Melitta turned to Bühler to supply cutting-edge sorting technology that will ensure that only the very finest roasted beans make it through into finished products. Читать дальше

Improving the quality of your coffee using Bühler’s enhanced InGaAs technology

12/20/2012 Over the last ten years the value of the certified coffee (Organic, Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade) market has expanded across the globe, growing from the niche offerings of socially responsible roasters to a situation where the biggest roasters in the world look to buy all their coffee from certified sources. With consumer demand and expectations continuing to rise, Bühler’s SORTEX optical sorting technology helps the industry’s processors and roasters increase product value and profitability by removing foreign materials from green and roasted coffee. Читать дальше