500th Ecoline die-casting cell goes into operation at Huashuo in China

2018?11?01? Bühler’s 500th Ecoline die-casting machine has been installed at automotive parts manufacturer, Huashuo. A landmark welcomed by the client who now has no less than 45 Ecoline machines in total. 更多内容

Changes in the Bühler Die Casting management

2018?10?31? The Business Area Die Casting has a new Director Global Sales - with Marc Fuchs we found an experienced professional who has been working in the die-casting industry for more than 17 years. We are happy to announce that Rudy Pagitz will move on to his new role as Managing Director Die Casting Europe. Marc’s current position as Director Global Application Technology will be taken over by Martin Lagler. 更多内容

New European refurbishment center in Bedizzole

2018?10?30? To meet growing customer demand, our European refurbishment center has moved to a new facility at Bedizzole, just 20 kilometers from our original site in Brescia, northern Italy. The new center provides increased production and customer service capacity, whilst retaining our highly-skilled engineering staff who have refurbished over 300 Bühler die-casting cells over the past 6 years. 更多内容

Another milestone for Carat

2018?10?24? The Carat two-platen die-casting machine has become the most popular solution for the demanding automotive structural parts. Now we have added a manufacturing base in Shanghai to our plants in Europe and the US, increasing capacity to meet ever-growing demand and getting even closer to our customers. 更多内容

Higher Uptimes with Predictive Analytics

2018?06?12? Predictive Analytics is an exciting new way of using data analytics to increase your equipment uptime. Analysing data from sensors in your cell in real-time allows us to monitor performance. Using algorithms based on global data, we can then predict potential failures, helping you to avoid costly unplanned shutdowns. It’s coming in 2019. 更多内容

Structural process in focus

Uzwil, 2018?06?12? Die Casting structural components to reduce body weight in cars is a hot topic in automotive, particularly with the growth in electric and hybrid cars. So we asked Hermann Roos, our Structural Process Manager, to share some insights with us. What are the biggest challenges? Where are we going? Find out more in the interview. 更多内容

Carat upgrades create even more value for quality parts producers

Uzwil, 03/26/2018 After more than ten years on the market, a new version of the Carat series is now available. 更多内容

SmartVac now available across the entire Bühler range

Uzwil, 03/23/2018 The SmartVac vacuum system has proved so successful in improving casting quality for Carat machines, that 2018 sees its introduction for Evolution and Ecoline S Series systems. 更多内容