Performix - High speed dissolver

- Efficient pre-dispersing
- Safe operation
- Semi-automatic operation
- Operator friendly


The Performix™ is excellently suited for the pre-mixing of a wide variety of products; for example, liquid inks, paints, coatings or other suspensions. The system is designed for manual production processes and is easy to operate, handle and clean.

Robust system for pre-mixing processes
With the Performix™ , customers can achieve a consistent quality of the premixed product and shorter processing times due to fast powder intake and a high-quality pre-dispersing process.

Optional vacuum intake
The multifunctional application area of the Performix™ is achieved through the mixer’s additional options: The mixing tool can be equipped with a vacuum system (cover and vacuum pump) for the efficient deaeration of products.

Operator safety
Performix™ equipment is designed to the latest safety standards and follows European safety guidelines. These standards provide increased operator safety, minimize the risk of entanglement and support the cleaning process.


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